By murphslaw - 29/03/2009 05:15 - United States

Today, as I was doing the morning count for the registers, a lady walked by and saw me. She's got Alzheimer's, and thought I was robbing the guy I'd bought the store from, so she called the cops. I spent six hours in jail while they looked into it, and didn't even get an apology. FML
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Wow, I hope she doesn't do it again tomorrow! And the next day, and the next day...

They do need to apologise for wrongful arrest, though, #4.


Wow, I hope she doesn't do it again tomorrow! And the next day, and the next day...

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Wow. That really sucks for you then.

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that really sucks!! but honestly, what r the police doing trusting a person with Alzheimers?? that's just retarded!

It'd actually be are*. You don't capitalize words in the middle of sentences that aren't proper. Nice try though.

but for him it was the beginning of the sentence, so nice try fuckup

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That does suck a lot! But honestly? Cops have no reason to apologize for doing their jobs.

Doing their jobs ? Arresting innocent people ? Yeah, while the cops are out there wasting their time with shit like this and just ******* around, people are being killed, robbed and more. -.-

Why trust someone with Alzheimer's? honestly!

How the **** are they not doing their jobs?? They have to uphold the law which required an arrest. It's not like they mistreated him in anyway. Everyone hates cops till they need one.

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they had no reason to detain him simply on a complaint. Their job is to investigate but the choice to detain is overused.

They do need to apologise for wrongful arrest, though, #4.

I'm not sure if it includes this, but what about "innocent until proven guilty"?

Hey, they're just doing their jobs. There's no one to blame.

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It's not their job to detain people upon allegation of a crime. Unless there is evidence or actual suspican a crime has been committed, the detention isn't necessary or warranted. I'd even be curious as to if it's a violation of civil rights.

I'm sure if she were in her right mind, she would apologize.

that is bogus that the cops didn't even say sorry.

false arrest is basis for a lawsuit that you will most likely win. I'd say get a lawyer and make the city pony up for what the store would have made in those six hours PLUS what you personally make in those six hours PLUS your lawyers fee

wow, you live in a pretty retarded city/town/hamlet/whatever.