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Today, my fiancé told me that he doesn't think cheating is a big deal because everybody does it. FML
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Douche bags think it's ok to cheat. Real men (and women) know better.


Tell him that if you catch him kissing anyone else, his next kiss will be on a Dementor.

andy231245 4

all she has to do is cheat on him and see how he likes it

Cheekylozza 3

Ohh yeah, cheat on him and be the better person? Just get rid of him cause no girl should be treated like that. :-)

was he trying to imply something by that perhaps?

It's not cheating as long as your thinking of your partner while ur doing it

really? seriously? I wouldn't agree. Have fun with that. Or more accurately, have fun with someone you're in a relationship with playing by those rules.

Banana buddy, did you really just use the incorrect "your" and "ur" in the same sentence? Are my eyes deceiving me? Can I come to your house and beat correct grammar into your skull, or would that be too subtle? Maybe I need to etch "you're = you are" onto some bullets and go around to idiots' houses and shoot them repeatedly until they get it. The baby Jesus is weeping at your stupidity. Holy hell, even every1luvsboners above you got it right!

Haha you two seriously can't see that banana buddy is making a joke? Wow, clueless.

A joke? What kind of joke? How is this any kind of joke? It isn't a pun, it isn't any kind of irony, and it isn't funny. If the original FML had to do with grammar, I could see how making two different grammatical errors could be seen as amusing, but this just isn't the case. So the only joke here is that your pathetic brain found his comment funny.

Why would you assume I thought it was funny? Assumptions are usually the mark of the unintelligent.

I never assumed anything. You said he was making a joke and called me clueless for not seeing that, thereby implying that you DID see it. I wasn't assuming, I was inferring. There's a big difference, and if you don't see that, then you are the clueless one here.

Oh I get it, you're a troll. Nice work, had me thinking you were an idiot this whole time.

TwoZero, why don't you go crawl back under the rock under which you've been hiding. You sounded a lot better from over where nobody could hear the diarrhea escaping your mouth.

I think DocBastard probably just got cheated on

Are you sure you're arguing the same thing was a joke? Either way, Doc's right, be consisted in your abbreviations (or as he put it; grammatical errors) or you just look silly. And cheating isn't a joke, though I think Banana_buddy might've been trying to make one.

TwoZero, I think my loving, beautiful wife is pregnant with my second child, and before you try to make some lame "are you sure it's yours?" joke, Cinn is right - cheating isn't funny. You're making yourself look more and more foolish with each successive response.

ashbear208 0

that's still cheating dumb ass!

Of course he was making a joke, Cinn, You'd have to be retarded not to realize that.

Doc, what did I just tell you about assumptions?

Twozero, when you've been around long enough you'll realise that there are people who'd say something like that as a serious remark. Either because they believe what they say, or because they're looking for a reaction. And did you really just try and convince someone, who you don't even know, that their wife might've cheated on them? Even if you meant it as a joke, that's not funny.

Cinn, that's true. But the way he said it made it obvious it was just a silly attempt at a joke. Kay, you're making yourself look foolish, please stop.

I see you've got your arsenal ready then, KaySL? :P TwoZero, don't mess with Kay, you'll get destroyed. Also, what joke did Doc make?

Kay, I have no reason to apologize to a rude arrogant ignoramous. Also, I hope you realize how much I'm degrading myself by even acknowledging someone like you.

You have no reason to apologise? I don't know what kind of world you think you live in, Twozero, but in the real world you do not imply that someone's partner is cheating on them as a joke when you don't know them that well. Not to mention that you threw in rude, arrogant, and ignoramus. I don't know why you felt the need to say that either.

Well, that didn't last long. Alas poor TwoZeroOZ, I knew him etc, etc. I guess the Mighty FML Deity got fed up with his rudeness. Thanks for jumping in, Cinn and KaySL. It's nice to know that you two ladies have my bac... Wait, what the hell? KaySL is a woman now?? MY WORLD IS CRUMBLING!!

I could've sworn it was set as a girl, and then to guy, and now back to girl... Am I losing my mind too? :P

You're absolutely right KaySL, being respectful on here is of utmost importance. But let's review, shall we? banana_buddy may have made a stupid joke, but that was no excuse for the vulgarities that DocBastard hurled; "Can I come to your house and beat correct grammar into your skull, or would that be too subtle? Maybe I need to etch "you're = you are" onto some bullets and go around to idiots houses and shoot them repeatedly until they get it. The baby Jesus is weeping at your stupidity" And of course, I, in my infinite rudeness, said "Wow, clueless." I am deeply ashamed of it. To which of course it was replied with "So the only joke here is that your pathetic brain found his comment funny." But still that doesn't come close to being called Clueless, right? I could go on, but I won't. KaySL, I'd like you to seriously ask yourself, "Was my opinion biased, based on the fact that I'm friends with someone here?". Unless you're incapable of objective thought, I'd think your answer would be Yes. I think anyone reading this would also agree. Going further with that, do you think someone who is incapable of separating their bias and emotions should be a moderator? I'm sure you'll think about moderating this comment so nobody else can see it, but that doesn't matter - I'm only trying to help you correct some flaws in your attitude.

...and you send them straight onto Sirin, right? :P And I thought I kept the ears hidden! :P

There's only one person in this thread who looks stupid, and he isn't around to defend himself. Plus, it isn't nice to speak ill of the dead. RIP, TZO. (The "P" stands for "perpetuity" here.)

Wow, the power... It's amazing :D When I grow up I'm going to be just like Doc Bastard. Except the part where you sexually harass Kay.

Turdles - imagine what it would be like if I were actually a moderator. I don't think I could handle the power...overwhelming...

What do you have to do be a moderator around here anyway? I feel like a hobbit searching for a powerful ring. PRECIOUZ!!

You have to be a soulless abomination feeding on the brains and despair of the innocent mortals. Oh, wait, that's just me.

...and cookies. Don't forget the cookies. Except for oatmeal raisin. ******* oatmeal raisin.

DocB, you are splendiferousness smothered in awesome sauce and topped with fabulicious greatnicity! P.S. Your little girl is totally adorable! :)

Wow...thanks and thanks. :) I'm not sure I deserve all that, but I'll certainly accept it graciously. *deep bow*

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LOL @ the fragile egos of this little clique.

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so I guess he won't mind coming home to u with a coupla cocks up ya???

I can't believe you actually paid someone to put that awful creation on your back.

It's true, a monogamous relationship is soooo 2009.

I'm starting to build a reputation? Nice ;)

You deserve it. Isn't this something you have to discuss before getting engaged in a relationship? At least, he didn't tell you this after marriage. You can still dump him :)

By sleeping with someone else and see what he says.

Douche bags think it's ok to cheat. Real men (and women) know better.

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THANK YOU! What is with all of these people saying it is okay as long as you aren't caught? Cheating is wrong. Period. Otherwise it wouldn't be called cheating.

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That's his way of giving you the green light. Let him know that you've seriously considered what he said and have decided to marry the person you've been cheating on him with. Invite him to the wedding and let him know that you expect a really expensive gift because, you know, everybody does it.