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  monnanon  |  13

well yes ill laugh since i see what you meant but the quote is "theres only two types of people i hate, people who are intolerant of other peoples cultures and the dutch"

  \  |  28

That's why you should immediately break up with someone when he's/she's found out to be cheating...

  AhouKaho  |  11

90- The Dutch are known to be pretty rude and a good number of them are intolerant of other people's cultures even if they think they are tolerant. I live in The Netherlands so I know.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

If that would be the case, 48, I'd of lost my balls at 15. Sometimes people just act on an urge, especially if they're young and dumb. There really is no excuse for it, you just fucked up. It's better for someone to learn from their mistakes than make excuses and believe they did no wrong. Now I'm not saying OP should forgive and forget, that'd be stupid, but labeling someone as a cheater for a mistake they may have learned from is just as stupid. We're all human, we make the wrong choice sometimes, if you know you did something horrible and learn to never do it again, I think that's better than not learning anything from it at all.

  sethicles1  |  2

I can agree with that but I had a fiance for 5 years. after we broke up I found out she cheated on me alot. I'm sorry but cheating is NOT a mistake. cheating is an act that can't really be forgiven. cause its always at the back of your mind every time that person leaves. I respect my morals too much to cheat on the other person even if they started it.


Yeah, here's a good rule of thumb: If you do something (cuddling, hand holding, using pet names, etc.) with another person that you wouldn't do with your significant other present, they have every right to consider it unfaithful.

  Enslaved  |  36

I know a few people that are in open marriages. They all go to this local swinger's club. (I don't understand it) but to each their own-- it works for them.
I also know a couple that it's not considered cheating if she's with another girl but it would be if it's a dude?
And then there's my super crazy sister, that if my brother in law so much as looks in his rearview mirror at a female jogger, he's cheating on her in his heart. :P

  mattjamt  |  16

47 - Well, when a girlfriend gets with a girl, the guys not threatened like they would be by a guy. If any of my girlfriends had cheated on me with a girl, I would have been put off by it, but I wouldn't have beaten the shit out of the other girl like I would do if it were a guy. But I mean, that's just me.

  ComoEsJuan  |  24

84- I can see how a person would be mad at the person that is involved in the cheating, but the person that did the cheating is the guilty one. I wouldn't get so mad that I'd fight the guy my girlfriend cheated on me with, I'd just break up with my girlfriend and call it a day.

  missbellaboo  |  5

That is untrue. Cheating is wrong and an awful thing to do to someone. But people do make mistakes... I've cheated in the past. I felt so terrible after! I knew I had done the wrong thing. But now I'm married and I would rather die than cheat on my husband. I resent the fact that you would think that just because I made a stupid mistake in high school that I'm now going to always cheat. ( obviously if someone consistently cheats then I doubt they will change, but people can change. )

  nina739  |  10

hey hey i know people can change i am with u ...
But the ones that they don't admit their mistakes and don't try to change are the one's that everyone should stay away!.....
i wish u the best in ur marriage:):)

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Many people cheat not because they're unhappy with the relationship, but because they don't believe in monogamy. Not saying it's good or bad, but monogamy can't be one sided. It's either OK for both, or it's OK for neither.

  spluver0005  |  17

I'm pretty sure it's not because most people think it's okay to be with more than one person. Like even of people cheat, they get mad when they're cheated on

  ninety  |  25

I've seen people that cheat rather than break up because their gf is good to them, but the other girl is "fun" if that makes any sense. Not always because they don't believe in monogamy.

  perdix  |  29

#8, it's called "having your cake and eating it, too." Some people may be pulling it off successfully, but you'll never know it. Only those who try and fail end up on the pages of FML.

  Emily062611  |  6

Yeah... I do believe in monogamy though, so if my husband pulled that bs on me, I'd be pissed. If you don't start your relationship out with a discussion of that, it kinda seems like an excuse to cheat other than being the scum of the earth and having no self control.