By Anonymous - 31/05/2010 12:14 - Australia

Today, my fiancé admitted to me that he only found big girls attractive, and that's why he could never cheat on me with my friends. FML
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I fail to see how this is a bad thing obviously he likes u for who u r and u don't have to worry about being skinny =)

bbailey19 3

fat bottomed girls make the roxkin world go round


bbailey19 3

fat bottomed girls make the roxkin world go round

that's a compliment 1 nice pic btw.

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whatcha gonna do wit all that junk, all that junk inside yo trunk....

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ewww and I guess u just have to make sure that you don't get any fat friends lol

haha if u lose wait now he might lose interest! FYL

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Have you called Jenny yet?

Your butt is wide well mine is too better watch your mouth or I'll sit on you I like big butts and I can not lie

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Yeah, fat unhealthy disgusting chicks are a turn on! Lose some weight.

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he prolly only likes you big so other guys wont be eyeing u off and you wont have much luck cheating on him. trust issues maybe...

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haha my boney ass? I actually have meat where I need it... I'm skiny but with lots of curves ...ohh and did i mention healthy too..but I understand why u are defending them because those are the only girls u can get from looking at ur pic

lol atleast he loves you the way you are I'm shure he ment none of you friends is prettier... and 21/63 there allot more to a person then just curves and looks. looks ain't everything

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I totally agree but I personally don't find fat people attractive... that's just my opinion

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QUEEN REFERENCE FORTHEWIN. numberoneiloveyou. :D

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WEIRD AL REFERENCE for the win!! numberfourtythree you're great =)

63---You are obviously a self-obsessed, immature little nastykin. FYL.

There's nothing wrong with her body type. Obviously her boyfriend likes her that way. Everyone just shut up and get over it. No one has a perfect body

And I personally don't find you attractive at all. @63

missd420 16

Well most people don't find skinny, judgmental bitches attractive either.

I fail to see how this is a bad thing obviously he likes u for who u r and u don't have to worry about being skinny =)

so he isnt gunna cheat. WTF r u complanin about? make way 4 the big girls 

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So he's not going to cheat on you with your skinny friends but will with fat girls that aren't your friends? Wow, lucky girl for dating someone that talks about cheating on you. WTF

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That's pretty much a good thing. Well, maybe not. Kind of?

Whaaaa he called me fat whaaaa. Time to stuff my face some more!

congrats on finding a stable guy who's not attracted to anorexics...!

just what i was gonna say. and you also win for liking the office :D

People who aren't fat aren't always anorexic. They just know when to stop eating after the 5th burger.

^ No, not me stupid the comment I was replying to dissappeared.

Right, because eating healthy and exercising is something you should never do! Does skinny and fit always mean anorexia? It does to you, I guess...

Really? Ew. I personally honestly get grossed out by fat people.

You won't find much support for this statement on the Internet or FML for that matter.

Play MIKA's "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" song at your wedding.

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how is that bad? he said he wasn't going to cheat ! so he's calling you big, big deal Its not like it's bad to have fat on you.

No he said he WOULDN'T cheat on her with her FRIENDS. So I'm guessing they're thinner than her. Key words man.

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Why is this an FML? Did you not know you were fat?

I asked myself the same thing. Do you prefer for your fiancé to pretend to you and everyone else that you're not big? He didn't even call you fat. And surely you knew you were bigger than your friends. Stop wanting to be delusional and be happy your fiancé likes you for you. BTW, just because he's a plumpa humpa, doesn't mean he won't cheat. Best of luck to you both.

missd420 16

That's what i was wondering as well. If you're big, get over it and either accept that you're big or do something about it. Denying something isn't going to change it.