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  pooper19  |  3

This reminds me of when I was with Jenna Jameson. She had anal-beads in all the time so it was hard for me to get in there. Afterwards she would wash them in the dishwasher.

  angeljewlz  |  7

I agree with 13. OP if it was after a heated argument I wouldn't worry too much about it. a lot of fights happen during the engagement and things are said that aren't true sometimes.


No, that is wrong. The laws towards the ring depends on the area.
Generally though, the one who gets to keep the ring is the one that did not break off the engagement. The ring is a gift for the promise of marriage, therefore the one who did not break the promise gets to keep the gift. It's a way of supporting the wronged party that did not break the promise, yet still has to accept the outcome.