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Today, I told the man my girlfriend has been cheating on me with all about her infidelity. He didn't get angry; he just said that he knew, that they were in an open relationship, and that I was pretty stupid to have not figured it out sooner. FML
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XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Walk away with your pride, knowing they have none.

RedPillSucks 31

An open relationship is not something you should have to figure out. If she didn't tell you then she is cheating


XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Walk away with your pride, knowing they have none.

caohm 18

I find it hilarious when a guy thinks the cheating girl will stick with him after she left the other poor fellow. like shes changed now and you're the exception the one guy she won't cheat on.

#15 Actually, the guy clearly didn't care. Look up the definition of an "open relationship".

caohm 18

well that's even worse he's in denial about it too

One of them will care when someone brings back some sore, itch or drip. Yes, condoms cut down the risk (provided all those people are using them). Doesn't always. You're better off OP, but sorry it's still hurting

AnOriginalName 19

I wouldn't necessarily say that the girlfriend and the other guy have no pride. Rather, it seems that OP and the girlfriend weren't on the same terms when it came to their relationship and having one partner vs having many. Unfortunately, OP assumed they were both on the same page and he got burned because of that assumption.

I have to say OP, props to you for not confronting the guy angrily (assuming he'd known about the cheating and had participated in it willingly) and actually giving him the benefit of the doubt (even though he didn't deserve it in the end). I know a lot of people would be too angry/hurt to think straight in your situation. FYL, she's not worth it :(

SuperMew 22

The girlfriend was being an asshole for not telling him, but being in an open relationship (when done honestly) is not something to be ashamed of.

OP deserved it for trying to take her from a relationship in the first place.

no 82. op and the ***** were dating. then the ***** thought 'let me go cheat' op was only informing 'the other man in case he didn't know'

buttcramp 21

And you haven't beat his ass yet becauuuuse??

knotcool 15

# 77 1. Because that girl is NOT worth the effort. 2.It was her fault, SHE was in a current relationship, not him ( as far as we know. ) 3. She WILL do it again.

Damn man forget about her you'll find someone worth your time someday

So she wasn't your girlfriend really. You were just the side dish. That sucks.

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TheDrifter 23

I guess op missed the memo that he's the guy on the side in an "open" relationship.

My spider senses are tingling, I sense a ****.

Maybe you guys should look up consensual open relationships before you start labelling the girl as a *****.

SuperMew 22

The girl Op was with is a ***** for lying to him about the nature of their relationship. People in open, honest relationships are not because all parties are informed of how the relationship is.

hatemyluck 15

How was it consensual? OP wasn't informed about it so we was cheating on OP and lying to him. The only person that knew was the gf and the guy she was cheating on OP with.

andits 21

What a b****! If she's that low to have an open relationship with someone then she should've been open about it with you too. She's so not worth your time. There are plenty better out there I hope you find yours

BriCx 8

While I wouldn't even consider an open relationship, I think it's wrong to judge someone who does. It's their life. But OP's girlfriend should have been honest, so THAT makes her wrong.

skyttlz 32

I'm friends with benefits with someone in an open relationship. We know about each other and were both ok with it.

I find it very judgmental of you to call open relationships "low". I'm also in one, because my girlfriend and I live in different countries, but still see each other often enough for it to work. We both, on the other hand, always make to tell whoever we start dating that we're in an open relationship, because no one deserves to find out their own way that they're the "side dish". It's not about being a ***** and just wanting to sleep around, it's just a way to feel less lonely and have fun even when we're apart.

I'm polyamorous; in many cases I find that people tend not to understand what the practice is, so I explain that it is somewhat like an "open relationship." I make sure to let all my partners know about it before dating that individual. To me, saying that "open relationships" are "low" is highly offensive. If someone chooses to live by certain principles, choices, beliefs, etcetera, they should be allowed to do so without being condemned by insolvable and ignorant people. Sometimes, people may live long distances, or maybe it is their common practice, or perhaps it is something they choose to do; dare not say that the practice is "low." I wish to also say that OP's ex? Is it an Ex now? None the less, she should have at the very least told OP. By not telling OP, it was disloyal and betraying. FYL, OP.

He is pretty stupid to be in an open "relationship". That isn't a relationship, that is sex.

monnanon 13

just shows how little you understand if you think an open relationship is just about sex.

If it's not about sex, why would the relationship be open?

An open relationship isn't just about sex. It's just about letting the person you're with know they aren't enough for you. Why be with someone who doesn't fulfill your needs, all of them? And there are some guidelines to being in an open relationship; telling everyone involved is one of them. The only reason to avoid honesty is because you think the other person won't like it, which is basically cheating because you're keeping a secret you know your partner wouldn't approve of.

But why would you even be with someone who just wasn't enough for you? I mean isn't the point to find one person? I understand that there are different perspectives as far as relationships, but I don't think an open one is commonly okay when some people involved are unaware.

nancy_ydg17 11

You've already spent too much time on her. Run!