By w00tz - Canada
Today, my boyfriend broke up with me over the phone. He said there was someone else, and that he has been in love with her for a while. Turns out, the new girl was his online video game character. I got dumped for a video game. FML
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By  Jimboom  |  11

Whoa. If this is legit then your really better off without him. When he is older and lonely fapping away in his parents basement to midget porn he will look back and regret dumping you.
It's his loss, not yours.

Got out there and live life. Either that or play World of warcraft. That should take your mind off of... well everything else for a while.

By  ozac  |  0

haha. true #3. i second that. I actually saw a list of video games on a link off MSN once that basically dealt with the top 10 video games to hide from your girlfriend because of the fictional female characters in them and how well they were designed. They were told to hide them because of situations like this, but when you choose something fictional over something real, A. you're not thinking straight and B. you probably need help.