By mugged - 15/12/2010 11:58 - Germany

Today, I went to the Salvation Army to donate some clothes. As I was handing over the 4 huge bags that I had carried for 10 blocks, while 6 months pregnant, somebody stole my purse. FML
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No good deed goes unpunished, you ought to know that by now.

You should see if Salvation Army or any of the businesses around it have exterior security cameras that may have the thief caught on film.


YDI for trying to make another person happy. who does that anymore?

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29 is right screw people down with congress let's take over the world wooo!

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well no shit he does 1500 years of the silent treatment that apple was serious bizness but as the bible goes it'd suck to talk to him anyways horrible things happen too those he talks too

Maryjaneslover7, did you inject THC directly into your brain just prior to writing this?

doc you're hilarious OP-no good deed goes unpunished

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just sell the clothes instead and now u donated money dumbass

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i bet the people who stole your purse was the salvation army spies O_o

Can't you have them pick up your stuff or something like that?

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I didn't really take the time to read everyone elses comments, sorry for the repeat.

YDI for saying "that's what I get for helping people". Why can't you just give/help? Why must you need something in return?

im sorry 91 but u need to re read the fml nowhere in that post says anything about her saying that.

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its ok I know what you mean. A couple of my teammates and I volunteered at the children's museum here and she had her 2 month old iPhone stolen

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only a dumb ass gets their shit stolen:)

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I know, only idiots forget to flush

no kidding only douche bags use ab pics.. what is this jersey shore. lame!

38, you are just jelous because you can never get abs like those.

Abs don't make the man, the man makes the abs. I broke up with a guy with a six pack because he was a jerk. I'm married to a man who was overweight when we first started dating. 4 years later and he is no longer overweight, looks better then ever and still the same amazing guy

than* Thank you for your little life story. Abs don't automatically make a guy a jerk, maybe you were just unlucky? Also, you got to admit it's not common for a girl to start dating an overweight guy. He was probably very rich or hell of a nice guy.

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She didn't say abs automatically make a guy a jerk. She said that they don't always signal the guy as being a good guy. She basically did a story referring to the metaphor "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

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If you're going to fix someone else's grammar/spelling mistakes, try spelling jealous correctly.

Yikes, that is unfortunate. Next time, you better be strapped!

You should have asked for help. we don't need old pregnant women doing strenuous activities

I think he means dominatrixes (dominatrices?!) can't lose their houses if they're good at their jobs.

Maybe he is just saying "undid it" with an accent?

You should see if Salvation Army or any of the businesses around it have exterior security cameras that may have the thief caught on film.

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If your purse was full of money and credit cards, you sure helped the mugger! Poor people can wait a few months to rummage around for your smelly, old clothes. You should have only made such a difficult journey after you popped out your kid.