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Do you really want to know my whole life story? Yeah, i didn't think so. I'm kind of a brat sometimes. I'm chill but i can also be opinionated. I don't get embarrassed easily. I will occasionally correct peoples spelling/grammar on here but not too often because hey, i make mistakes too. Although i truly despise it when people are to lazy to use vowels/spell out the whole word. A few hand-picked commenters that i enjoy are: DocBastard, KaySL, i_iz_b_a_troll, trollzfordalolz, sirin, iliketurles, CitrisGirl, everyoneluvzboners, FFML_314, Doortje, RedBlueGreen, ohthebloodygore, perdix, pendatik, and more.. P.S. Message me if you want to, but don't get mad if it takes a while for me to respond because I'm usually on the mobile version and can't.

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