By lollymay13 - 11/10/2011 15:22 - Ireland

Today, after a week of searching, I found my escaped snake. In my umbrella, outside, after opening it over my head. FML
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lollymay13 tells us more.

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Just so you all know, I am not afraid of my pet snake. The FML was a mixture of a) the snake had been in an obvious hiding place, a dark enclosed space, all along. And b) because anything that falls on your bloody head outside is going to give you a fright! He is healthy and happy, he didn't die, and has not escaped since! :) And as for all the St.Patrick comments.... 'driving the snakes out of Ireland' was a metaphor for the Catholics driving all of the Pagans out of Ireland. Of course there are real snakes here.... actually pagans too. Well there ya go! lol :) x

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Under my Umbrella-ella-ella eh eh eh...

At least it wasn't in your boot?


Under my Umbrella-ella-ella eh eh eh...

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yes, I find your comment rather shallow and pedantic.


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Lmfao this is pure win

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More like "Under my umbrella- Ella- Ella- snake?- snake- SNAKEEEEE!!!"

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Why would you be scared of your own snake? If you have one and your scared of it that's your problem.

Agreed!! With 74

i would be scared of anything that falls on my head:)

It's raining snakes, hallelujah it's raining snakes...

#74 nowhere does it say the OP was scared of her snake, but having anything drop on you unexpectedly gives fright.. besides, the FML could be that after she spent a week looking, it was in her umbrella all along.

How is it an "fml" if you found your sake

At least it wasn't in your boot?

Surprise headhumper! (Someone please get the reference)

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There's a snake in my boot! Nostalgia anyone?

42- that was the joke xP.

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I just had to say it :) even though A Land Before Time was my favorite movie, Toy Story is a close 2nd.

Haha, that sucks. How'd it get in a CLOSED umbrella?

How did it get outside?!

Your snake was just so happy you found him, it decided to surprise you!

TorturedXeno 27

Or maybe the snake planned this from the start. Since it couldn't jump on its owner, it had to get into a position where it could just fall onto her. Death from above. Clever bastard.,

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Haha that made me laugh :)

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So, all the snakes haven't been driven out of Ireland.

"Driven out", #5? Our climate couldn't have supported snakes in the first place... only reason people can have them as pets is sun lamps and the like.

Not all snakes are tropical.

St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is recorded in Legend as having driven all the snakes from Ireland. Probably about as accurate as St George slaying the dragon and rescuing the maiden, but its a good story. Also, snakes can survive in Britain - we're at the same latitude so we should have similar (not identical) climates. Temperate, warm in summer, freezing in winter and all-year-round precipitation. :P

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11- Just as 29 said it's a legend, and 5 is obviously just making a sarcastic joke on it. Of course snakes aren't indigenous to Ireland, but that legend is a part of your history. No need to cuff a guy who's merely making a joke referencing to the story.

Cheers 28, didn't know that. :o 29: Yeah I get its a legend and all that. 32: Oh, I wasn't cuffing him. I just can't read sarcasm. :P

5, of course they haven't all been driven out of Ireland. It'd be damn hard to get the car through all that water.

It could've been could have found it with your ass on the toilet

I don't see how this is an fml. You found your lost pet, that's a good thing!

Was it dead? If not, then why is it an fml? You found it...

Happy birthday, you're adopted!

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Allow me to quote Samuel L Jackson in Snakes in an Umbrella. "How did all these muthafuckin snakes get in this muthafuckin umbrella?"

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