By Anonymous - 07/09/2011 23:02 - Canada

Today, my fiancé played Rockband drums from the bathroom while taking a crap. He actually managed to properly hit notes. FML
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KennKenn 0

Bet he can't beat FreddieW though.

Don't know who the **** that is... But frankly I find this impressive, because I have this image in my mind of him not seeing the TV, and also of him trying to not piss all over himself, especially if he were drumming with both hands.

theten_fml 9

I don't think very many people piss on them selves while pooping. But anyways maybe we could start a band, I played that guitar hero game on my phone all the time when I would take a dump.

24- Human nature is to piss while taking a dump. That'd be why someone might piss on themselves. Let's talk about something less weird/gross. So this band, can I be a groupie? And would that groupie job include sex with all band members, or are Handy J's an alright alternative for you?

Xtra_Cheddar 3

I'll be a groupie if that's the duties I have to do

That's gross as hell. Op has some decontamination work to do.

Xtra_Cheddar 3
D37H100 5

22, how do you not know FreddieW?!?

24, if I piss while I'm taking a dump and I don't hold my dick down... let's just say it's like turning the hose on full blast and letting it go.

59- I have a life. 65- One thing I can do is spell. It's Keyman. Not Keynman. Jesus Christ, it's there in front of you. Just copy it.

#22- how would he piss on him self if he's pooping (sitting)

-79 I honestly don't think he tries to read the FML at all, plus his excuse sucked pretty bad too.

Ha, 62 -- dude, I gotta sit really far back on that shit, push down, and THEN go. Or bad things happen -- bad things that involve my pants and/or floor being covered in a liquid that isn't water. :/ Fuck. |the kid|

Yeah I would be proud of my boyfriend if he could do that!

kings1fan 6
rexgar2000 10

I'm gonna try the same thing with the guitar.

Laurenlou 24

I wonder if this is the same man who made wind chimes move by farting! :D Did anyone else think of that FML while reading this??

I wonder how well the toilet works as a seat while drumming. I always used a stool.

enonymous 8

I'd be more impressed if no drumsticks were used

Or if he didn't use his foot for the bass drum.

This is the only funny poop-related pun I've seen on here. Thank you!

StopDropNRoll 11

I would definitely give this guy props. He plays drums like a boss!

How good was he? I'm getting 100% on expert. Beat that!...but still this man is my hero

Nope, it's not check the PS3 leader boards

Ya know what? No matter what I say you won't believe me. But I'm not lying

I think the people that thumbed this down don't give a shit about your captivating achievements. If you want to brag, do it on myspace where no one will ever see it.

I dont get 100% on even medium, why? I can get laid instead...

leadman1989 15

Believe it or not there are people that can do both... Infact bitches love games especially rockband and kinect games.

But can you get 100% while taking a shit? The world may never know...

But can you get 100% while taking a shit? The world may never know...

eln3mo13 8

did you really just try to one up a guy who can play Rockband drums from the shitter? you need to get out more

......I hope you realize your house is on the verge of getting watermeloned. -_-

Hey this guys good at a video game! Let's beat him up!...Gosh I can't even say my accomplishments anymore

Hey heres a test maybe u can get 100% here's what u hav to do SHUT THE FUCK UP this test is important cuz NO ONE CARES and only people WHO NEED LIVES can do that or they are using the CAN'T FAIL CHEET or LYING thanks

iloveyou1266 4

If that's an accomplishment , you need help ..

If only someone said they were going to beat you up, 114. Beacause then that comment could have maybe made a teeny-tiny bit of sense. Only thing I see as violent could be your house being watermelon'd.

It's called mutitasking and you should be worshipping the very ground he walks on.

beebeeL 1

How is this an fml ?! Kinda, cus that is weird /: ...