By unknown - 31/01/2010 06:54 - France

Today, my girlfriend and I were in my basement. I play drums and guitar very well. My girlfriend bet me $50 that she could play better than me. I made the bet, but what I didn't know was that she had been taking both drum and guitar lessons since she was 5. I just lost $50. FML
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well hey, you could start a band with her or something. a chick in a rock/ metal band = insta-fame. then you could get your 50 bucks back and more with all the money you'd make

she's your girlfriend and you didn't know that?


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The prices of gambling. Karma laughs at you.

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It is a comment. He's commenting to himself and the world and implying the following. "Look at me! I'm a complete dipshit that likes to be first and point it out to make people feel bad!" Stop complaining OP you asked for it.

you must really not know who your girlfriend is....your a "kickass" boyfriend.

how is this an fml. yes you lost money but you seem to have a very talented girlfriend with similar interests to you!

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Uh was the gay refrence directed towards me?

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You just got hustled my friend

u definatly are the worst boyfriend! if ur that serious u should atleast know something about her...or is it just sex between u guys?

Seriously, rather than actting bitter that you're not the best at everything, shouldn't you be excited as hell to have one kickass girlfriend? I mean, she plays the guitar and drums! I'm straight and still find that incredibly sexy.

Agreed You lose money to your girlfriend.. oh boohoo OP Your life sucks now... why?

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You may have lost $50, but you'll lose more if you break up with her. But why would you even want to do that? Let us know by posting another FML.

that´s not an fml, it´s freaking´hot, dude you are so f**kin lucky.......

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it's his girlfriend, that's not an fml that's damn here's $50 and a really nice date for being ******* awesome.

And OP you can't write grammatically correct English, apparently...

Hardly an FML, doesn't that kinda make her like... The girl of your dreams?

The person made a grammatical error in this fml. It's making me cry man. Making me cry.

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hahahah :D this entertained me.

FYL for not knowing your girlfriend better..

I hope that taught you that girls can play too!! Atleast now you know you both have something you love in common.

well hey, you could start a band with her or something. a chick in a rock/ metal band = insta-fame. then you could get your 50 bucks back and more with all the money you'd make


LAME...Stop littering up FML with this kind of bull shit. : (

The band idea is pretty cool. If anything, she can give you some pointers. I say try it out.

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oh no, your problems are just terrible.

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That is one cool girlfriend..!

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I also agree with 16. your girlfriend just got 100x hotter and you wrote this fml.

so true 88. I love girls who play instruments. my gf plays bass in our band, and I play drums.

btw, op, that is what shaggy meant when he sang about the strength of a woman.

:P I'm a female bassist and kick ass . lawls. power to your girl! oh and really buddy come on so she's a better drummer and guitar player, next she'll beat you at cod and you'll cry to your mother. ydi for posting this xP and for doubting her

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that's what you get for assuming.

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isnt this more just a fun story? your life is far from ducked and you have a cool girlfriend

that would be so sick. having a girlfriend that plays an instrument. :O

Was that a typo, because it was really funny.

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**** you. Gambling is bad... If you lose.