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Today, I had to play Paper, Rock or Scissors and beat my boyfriend in order to get him to take a shower. FML
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win?* stupid iPod. what wouldve happened if you lost? you skip showers?

smallish keyboard OP: just take a shower WITH him. that will work out well

just take off ur clothes and go into the shower. that'll make him get up

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i hope she won, if u were mine i would shower for u :)

I shower once a month, nothing wrong there

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FML update! You click on the comment to see replys!

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Why are you dating such a disgusting type in the first place? Find someone who takes care of their body!

if it smells like a dump, then it needs to be dumped.. dump him, and get a cleaner boyfriend. unless it's the best you can do, then FYL. :(

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I guess your boyfriend liked to (*puts on sunglasses*) cut showers. Yeaaaaaaahhhh!!!

um I thought she had to beat him for him to take a shower not to see who gets one.

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If it makes you feel any better OP, I just took a shower of my own devices.

I never realized I was first comment until everyone started replying

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I thought it was rock, paper, scissors..?

So did I, it sounds weird saying it paper, rock, scissors.

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its rock, paper, scissors btw.

YDI for playing "paper, rock, scissors" its rocj, paper, scissors. retard.

Kinda gross. Some people can go a while without showers, but those people are generally not guys.

207- Actually, it's rocK*, paper, scissors. Also, it's called "Rock, paper, scissors" in some places, while others call it "Paper, Rock scissors".

im not gonna lie i kinda care bout the order :P

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thanks, you made me think of it. FML

Gee ive gone almost half a year without thinking of it. Thank you!

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How long had he gone without one? By the way, always choose rock. Nothing beats rock.

falcon punch. Gun Dynamite Middle fingahhh

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It's obvious that I was referring to the game. Not everything. Paper does NOT beat rock. A rock would tear paper apart.

Rock smashes scissors, scissors cut paper, and the paper covers the rock.

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If I hold up a piece of paper and have someone punch through it. Do you think it will tear? The answer is, yes. A rock would destroy paper. End of discussion.

@27 & 52 Uh, yes it does. In the game. Rock smashes Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper, Paper covers Rock. If Rock were invincible, then it wouldn't be a game suitable for using as a competition since you'd only lose if you were either trying to or if you were a dumbass. End of discussion.

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I think it's quite apparent that I'm being SARCASTIC. Idiot.

but if someone covered you in a giant peice of paper , would you be able to get out ?

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it's only paper, course you could get out. But remember kids, it's only a game, so quit yer bitchin' at each other and play nice.

I think it's quite apparent that you don't know how to use sarcasm.

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It's a better feeling, when what you're saying is actually true.

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Coconut beats Cane! I win. Not surprising though!

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#123, if you've only just realised this, Welcome to FML! :D

ffml 314 you should write a fml about how stupid these people are and can't take a joke, I'm pretty sure this is a Simpsons reference

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Dimitri Martin FTW anyone? Rock scissors dynomite with a cuttable wick

paper beats rock..FYL for saying rock beats everything and FHL for having to play that game to get her bf to take a shower!

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Oh for the love of God! IT WAS A JOKE. Are you all a bunch of idiots? Do you not understand what a JOKE is. Here's a nice definition for you: a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter; "he told a very funny joke"; "he knows a million gags"; "thanks for the laugh"; "he laughed unpleasantly at his own jest"; "even a schoolboy's jape is supposed to have some ascertainable point" Now, move the hell on.

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Woman? I would run if I were you!

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beets, beats, battlestar gallactica

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How can I even respond to that? LOL, I give up, Pendatik. You win.

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If you were a good gf you would respect his right to shower or not shower when he chooses.

he should also respect her right not to smell B.O or feel nauseated when she comes near him..

by your logic, she should also respect his right to shit on the floor and piss on the walls and carpet. believe it or not, b.o. affects more than just the person who is generating it. |the kid|

well hunn.. umm not showering is gross! not to mention unheignic :/ you shouldn't have to sit around in there shit.

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No, he was talking to me. See, we have this game we play, where he will place a comment to me and put in a random place. It's weird how this time, his comment actually makes sense to yours. Weird!!

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See, only telepathy would lead him to my reply. Conceited people I tell ya. Let's shake this popcicle stand.

#13, I like the way you think! haha blackmail m/

Unfortunately, that usually doesn't work. I tried that multiple times with my ex and he still didn't take a shower usually for four more days, making it a week between showers.

If that's what you have to do to get him to take a shower, I wonder what he makes you do to get him to take you out somewhere.

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Every time I've played that, every one in the group picks scissors first for some reason.

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no your hot! *in joeys from "friends" voice* how you doing? ;) lol and to OP what ya 5 years old? what woman like smelly men. unless it's some kind of new weird fetish going on.