By dog got ur phone - 07/05/2017 02:00

Today, I was playing music from my phone, which was on the couch. I guess my dog got jealous, because she picked it up and ran over to the toilet, promptly dropping it right in. FML
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So, even your dog knows your taste in music is shit?

Your dog wasn't jealous, she's a music critic!

paravoz 30

I think you should sue for the damage caused.

Sue a dog? What would you get in return? 20 million milkbones?

The dog was not jealous, your dog just think you taste in music stinks and is literally like shit.

lmao... that is what you get for listening to shitty music

so basically you just played crappy music and your dog got Taste! ?

species4872 19

An apple a day keeps the dog on his toes.

Am i the only one who wants to see a picture with fml? or better still, a video? Than again, i suppose op is without a phone at the moment.

Lesson learned, I hope. To paraphrase an old line, anything's a chew toy to a dog if it's small enough.