By ButtWorthSingingBout - 01/01/2015 18:16 - United States - Phoenix

Today, my boyfriend finally played the new guitar I bought to replace the one he broke. He used a $1000 guitar to play me a moving song about my butt. FML
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iTzSelverZz 14

Butt was it good?

Llama24 14

He's a keeper


Llama24 14

He's a keeper

iOceanus 18

1: Exactly. I see no reason for this to be an FML because it sounds like a compliment to me :)

He could've played a song about how he was breaking up with you, so honestly, I don't see the FML here.

I'd be flattered to have a song played for me about the awesomeness of my booty.

Pstraka6 20

He's putting it to good use I guess, but hey at least he's using it and enjoying it! Besides he's probably just being silly with ya. Btw that is a nice gift!

iTzSelverZz 14

Butt was it good?

Butt wait there is more...

angelk19 22

You must have a great butt!

He likes big butts and he cannot lie?

beyondflight 16

Is that a bad thing?

Some people can be endearing in weird ways. If you two are in a serious relationship, I'd laugh it off and take it as a compliment :)

badluckalex 23

I would still do that even if it wasn't serious haha

sounds pretty cute since they seem too be in a bit of a serious relationship

Buying a $1000 guitar if they weren't in a serious relationship would be a bit weird.

I dunno, sounds like a cute relationship to me, so long as it wasn't offensive.