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Today, my family and I went over to our new neighbors' house, to sing a carol and say hello. The only response we got was a door slammed in our faces. FML
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Well caroling is pretty annoying! Maybe they didn't like your harmonies.

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No one wants to hear you sing, but they'll listen if you give them a couple beers and a pizza.


Well caroling is pretty annoying! Maybe they didn't like your harmonies.

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It is very annoying! But this is better than getting oranges thrown at you.

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They just moved in chances are they havent even unpacked, I wouldn't want some annoying carollers at my house that I JUST moved into

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Maybe OP just caught them at a bad time?

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Don't sing a carol. Just go & welcome them with a hello & make them feel welcome a your neighbours.

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Yeah lol I dislike how people carol at the door. Well that's just my opinion.

Your lucky all you got was the door slammed.

1- my dad got stuck at the door listening to these ******* terrible carolers a few years ago because he didn't want to be rude and slam the door on them. Now, we don't answer the door for carolers anymore! Saves them from embarrassing and us from going deaf from their singing.. Problem solved!!

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Man, you people are too much, what in the world happened to Christmas spirit??? Joy, peace and love they neighbor! Tis the season.....

I'd probably call the cops for disturbing the peace. Sheesh. I don't want neighbours to come sing to me :( that's creepy.

There is no excuse for their behavior.

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94- I agree with you. What has this world come to? The world is so full of hate. What happened to the time when you waved at everyone? (Including those you don't know) I understand that the world is much more dangerous and we need to be cautious, but that could change if people would just have a positive attitude and respect for eachother. This world has become such a sad place. And the really sad thing is that we, the people, could change it. But nobody wants to. :( It truly breaks my heart. Merry Christmas to all of you! Give me thumbs down. I don't care. I still wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas! :)

hi cute girl. I'm hobo, pleased to annoy your face... I'm so sleepy. sorry to hear for OP. I miss happy days, it was a great show.

People like desireev has touched and warmed my cold black heart. The past 20 years we have turned into a miserable bunch of organisms. I see people on this site out-right disrespecting people for their personal beliefs, opinions, and styles (bad beliefs and opinions deserved to be bashed [about styles, they chose it, you shut up]). I see people disrespecting carolers because they hate it or whatever bullshite they come up with, and try to disrespect them as far as assulting them. IMHO, the Christmas spirit is dying...

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Maybe they are from a different faith?

121- what the ****?! Hop off scum bag!

118 - Well said! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

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OP- what did u expect to happen?

94 & 118 - There have been literally dozens — if not scores — of Christmas-themed movies with exactly that plot in mind. Lack of Christmas spirit has been going on for ages. Comes with the territory of soulless, child-centric commercialism. To get to the real meat of it all, be humble and be excellent to each other all year, not just at the end of it.

You can be nice without singing ? Cus it's sound pretty much weird and awkward to stay there listening to your new neighbor sing songs you might don't like , they should've just went there to say hi without the singing

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that was probably my dad... but in his defense "12 days of christmas" is a long, annoying song

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Not gonna lie, I would have slammed the door in OPs face too..

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No one wants to hear you sing, but they'll listen if you give them a couple beers and a pizza.

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Some people just don't appreciate good old holiday caroling.. Smh

76 - Some people are terrible singers that no one could appreciate.

Right, #80, just blast carollers in the face with a ******* shotgun. That solves everything and makes perfect sense, doesn't it? You're either too young to comment decently or you're too disturbed to be part of society...

80,ots a joke.christ!!its xmas,just chill!!

3- OP, seduce them with your roommate's "space cake" and you'll be good to go!

I'd be entertained if carollers came to my door, even if they sucked at singing. Some ppl need to stop being so serious.

Not everyone enjoys christmas. Just move on to people you do know.

Actually I know some atheists who do celebrate Christmas. In fact I know one who celebrates Hanukkah.

*Holds up 176 like he is a baby lion* Here is my proof!

Aww, thank you kind Internet stranger for the Simba comparison! :) (btw I'm a she not a he)

I am usually wrong about things and called an idiot from time to time and I am tired of being wrong. So can you do this kind Internet stranger a favor an consider getting a sex change for I can be right? Thanks. Much appreciated.

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Atheism means you do not believe in god. It does not mean that you don't enjoy christmas. I am atheist and I love christmas.

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How did my thumb get in your picture?!?

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I don't get what 5 did explain?

88- *opens door to begin explanation but then slams door in order to avoid ignorance*

Orange you glad oranges weren't thrown at you? Sorry for that comment. I know I can keep myself from "spilling the beans" but I must spill my beans.

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probably because its LA or something...

stfu_bam 5

61- don't be hatin on a place you ain't related in! That made no sense but it was an attempt..

I think what 61 was trying to say is that CoolGuyJones reason for burning it is because it is LA... or something. 61 may not necessarily hate LA but may be giving a reason why Jones may be burning the hat.

bizarre_ftw 21

Neither were the witch trials Nor the holocaust The sky is blue The letter T is shaped like a T I am not the thing I'm not Is it a bird, a plane, a blonde?! No! It's captain obvious!!!!!!! Dunuh-nuh-nuh! *cymbals* Dunuh-nuh-nuh! Captain obvious said something obvious

23- why does sarcasm make me so happy?!? *claps excitedly*

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He was just doing his duty, Sergeant sarcastic.

Well that's not much into the Christmas spirit is it?

It is now December 23rd. Unless you live under a rock, every store, restaurant or office you have been to sinceTthanksgiving has been playing Christmas music. These songs are done by trained professional singers and they are STILL annoying as all hell. Who wants to hear random, amateur strangers singing Christmas music at them?

It's not the Christmas spirit because the new neighbors celebrate Kwanza. Wow. Thinking about it, I've never me someone who celebrates Kwanza.

124- you've never me someone? Me neither.

Ahh. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. Fast fingers get the best of us. Now I can write my argument for Grammar Hitler to spare my life.

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Wait a sec. There are actually people how do that kinda crap? Really?

Have fun living next to them! Bag humbug.

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Lol god forbid you "damn autocorrect"ers actually see the "correction" that's going to be made and tap that little x before you submit..

Fine It wasn't autocorrect, ok?! I have chubby thumbs... In my haste to click the little x button my chubby thumb hit 'send' Meanie

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More fun to bag a humbug than to check auto correct.

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:( Now I'm about bad first impressions lol I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come off like that. I'm really not an A-hole! I swear!