By Anonymous - / Thursday 23 December 2010 07:42 / United States
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I think so. It's like when the various religious people come to your daughter soliciting souls. If you welcome them in and try to have a frank dialogue about God and religions, they get freaked out and leave. Apparently where OP lives, standing around waiting for carolers is suspicious activity.

  jckbco  |  0

exactly, on the conversing... most religious people, especially ones who come to your door, just want to have you believe exactly as they do!

  gooBUZZ  |  0

I don't even understand half of that lol, but OP said "carolers", so I'm assuming that's what changes it. If OP said group instead of carolers, then it could be "was". I still think it's supposed to be "were".


so what happened to good ol comments about the fml and not blabbering on about correct fucking grammar, spelling and gay shit that has nothing to do with the fucking topic.. get a fucking clue and stop trying to act like you're no. 1 forum whore.


^ it would also explain the FML if you leave the "of carolers" out.

Today, a group was coming up my street, so I went out in the cold to wait for them. When they finally arrived, I waved and greeted them. They huddled up discussing something while pointing at me, then skipped my house. FML

  DocBastard  |  38

Jezzibell, thanks for the vote of confidence, but pendatik has already settled the issue. The singular noun "group" is the subject of the sentence, and therefore the singular "was" is appropriate. Anything that comes after "of" is irrelevant and does not change the verbiage.

By  XxAngel77xX  |  0

Looks like you got off lucky. The "carolers" in your area, were actually theives according to my FBI intel. They would sing and distract you, which in turn, would corrupt your mind. In about a weeks time, you would go insane, and commit suicide. Thus, leaving your hone vunerable to a burglary. Do NOT open doors for carolers kids.

By  iknowimawesome  |  13

Why did you have to wait outside? You could've stayed inside and then when the carolers got to your house, you could have gone outside. That probably would've freaked them out less. Don't you think?