By notyouagain - 03/10/2010 07:40 - Australia

Today, I went over to my friend's house. Her 5 year old son answered the door and when he saw me said, 'oh great, it's YOU' and slammed the door in my face. FML
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lmaoo you must be extremely annoying

So spank him. Done.


heartless_fml 6


Ring the doorbell again and when he answers say, "Oh crap, it's YOU" and walk away

KingDingALing 9

BURNED by a 5 year old!! :p

another reason why to love little kids...

aeroliontvw 4

it's because they're so cute!

All little kids are evil!

lmaoo you must be extremely annoying

and u must be right for sore

& you're better?

muuuuuuuuch better :D

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by a 5 year old.

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mean !! tell your friend !!!

twinny_sc 13

Yes, the OP can tattle on the 5-year-old kid. Sounds awesome and mature!

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No the OP tells her friend so she can deal with him.

well you do live in victoria.......

He's 5... kids say shit like that. I'm pretty sure your life is not fucked.

Loviinqx3 0

Still not a pleasant thing to be greeted to :(

Well, I guess your a social reject now. It was scientifically proven by a 5 year old.

So spank him. Done.

ydi for having friends with kids. they suck, get new friends with no kids. or friends with better kids.

WTF? Almost all of my friends have kids and some of them are rude but still you didn't have to say that.

spanelli 16

Death Note. <33 Kids do suck. The only kid I like is my nephew, because he's cool. :p