By Mayshod - 03/05/2011 12:04

Today, I met my new neighbors when they backed into my parked car. FML
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Consider this as a comment. Just not a ******* good one :)

Should have introduced yourself earlier.


Should have introduced yourself earlier.

and that would've made a differance?

Yes, then having them back into his car wouldn't be the 'first impressions' that he now has of the neighbors.

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i don't how that would have changed anything. i would have still been likw "WTF!! you hit my car!!!" lol

3 yuhr kinda right but still. that doesnt make much a difference. theyre still gonna have to pay for the damages..

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I met my neighbors friends by backing into thier car. @19 you* ^^

Those are the kinda neighbors that know how to break the ice? A car, too!

i met my new neighbors when their punkass kids tried lighting the bushes in my yard on fire

Paint a giant penis on their car and leave a note that says "Nice to meet you to."

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Welcome to the neigborhood!

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maybe u should hav introduced your gun -__-

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maybe he didnt gett a chance too

83 that is a beautiful car. I hope it's yours and not just some picture online.

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that's a great way for them to get a good reputation. especially as new neighbors

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There is only one solution...Road Rage!

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awww! that really sucks! maybe they're really nicepeople though, and it'll all work out in the end!

consider it a house warming present? just not a ****** good one

Consider this as a comment. Just not a ******* good one :)

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i like ur eyes :) lolol im not lesbo i swear xD

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That'll teach you to park where they are used to driving. You need to give them a cake.

that sucks.. charge them for the damage

Hahahahahahaha that sucks balls hope they have insurance

The new neighbors are from Germany and that means hello. Now a hit and run is basically like a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

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it seems to be some little **** hit my father in law in broad daylight the other day with her car threw him up over the hood and onto the windshield

In Germany, a head on collision is French kissing. oh wait, they just hate French cars.