By 44magnumtime - 06/08/2012 17:57 - Canada - Oakville

Today, some new people moved into the house next door to mine. The previous occupants were very loud and obnoxious day in and day out, so I was looking forward to some sanity. When I went outside, I noticed they'd parked their cars on my lawn. FML
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I'm guessing they won't be getting a 'welcome to the neighborhood' muffin basket then...?


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Lol, call to get the cars toad. Make them pay for parking on your lawn and avenge your plastic pink flamingo... You know. If you had one.

thatKidzmOm 10

:-D mental image of toads being thrown at the cars

Poop in a bag and leave it in their car. Shit left in a hot car will smell like death for hours.

asoptavlo14 6

Sounds like a new prank... Hey man let's go toad the new guys car! Poor toads though :(

Anyone else think of the movie Open Season and throwing rabbits. Poor, cute, little fella's :(

Any chance you were educated in a american public school?

I have to wonder if the house next to yours is just cursed, or if it's the whole neighborhood.

zuzupetalsYO 11
pcentral 17

I'm guessing they won't be getting a 'welcome to the neighborhood' muffin basket then...?

Here is your one chance to go and explain nicely that they are parked on your lawn, (just to state the obvious) and make friendly with them. Fresh start & all that. Not everybody is an arsehole, could just be an honest mistake.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

Tell them that YOU don't mind them parking on your lawn, but your multiple, murderous personalities ain't having that shit. Then bark in their face. They'll never even look in your direction.

Time to give them their "welcome to the neighborhood tow job." I wouldn't stand for someone parking in my lawn. It leaves marks and can make some nasty holes if it's wet.

They probably didn't mean anything by it , they might of just run out of space to park their care , op should still send a welcome basket just to be nice

Speak to them about it and if they don't move it, plan your revenge.

I'm thinking tacks in the grass should suffice.

raraisbang 12

Yes, but there are many ways in which that plan can backfire.

Inheritance 10

Revenge? More like call the po po

Lol there's many ways that could **** up, but would b epic if you pulled it off.. All 4 of their tires blow simultaneously , they get out to check what it was and get their feet full of tacks.. Double win lol

Put chock blocks under their wheels every time they do this. Maybe they'll get the hint.

Practice painting on their cars. What's on your land is yours.

Yeah, no it's not. Call to get the cars towed, or talk to the neighbors about it. Painting on them would be vandalism.

KiddNYC1O 20

If they have balls to park on someone else's lawn they might not have a problem busting some caps.

You can always call the cops. It is YOUR lawn.

That seems a little extreme, considering that they've only done this once....

missmurderx 8

They've done it once and they've been there for one day.. I don't find it extreme at all, it is his property.

KiddNYC1O 20

23- Once is one too many in this situation. Unless there's like a blatant emergency.

they might just be parked to help move in, as in extra family members or something? it's wrong I know but it might be the once and they might apologize if op says something to them :)

Lol 23, they're parking on his lawn. Barring some strange land division where they could somehow mistake his lawn for theirs, they are being completely, incredibly ignorant. I'd have them towed without a second thought

I don't think there is any point in going into full front attack mode right away. Go and speak with them first and find out why they did this. They might have a reasonable explanation (and apologies) and you could avoid yourself another ruined neighbour relationship. If they are responding like assholes, then by all means f*** them up :)

Your argument would be reasonable if their cars were parked in OPs driveway. However, they are on his LAWN.

75 - So you're saying it's okay to park my car on somebody else's property without permission, as long as I only do it on certain parts of said property? That's stupid.

Mearemoi 14

Actually, I think #75 was saying that #70's argument would be reasonable had they not parked their car on the lawn. Instead of parking on the lawn, why didn't they park in the driveway? At least then, it wouldn't be destroying the lawn or whatever.

GET OFF MY LAWN!!!! Nice tie-in with the classic Eastwood gun as a username by the way. Kind of surprised I'm first to comment about it.

jaredofmo 22

Ask them nicely not to put their cars on your lawn in the future. If they can't respect you for that, land mines.

With_Love929 3

My god that's the funniest thing i've ever read!!! xD heehhehahahah nice one.

I think this goes up there with that sentence that ends in ”potatoes” just because you didn't expect it.