By BMike - 11/07/2011 18:16 - United States

Today, I moved into my new house. I went over to my neighbors' house to introduce myself. As they opened the door I saw a telescope pointed at my house. FML
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Mi24hind 0

I wonder if that's why the original owner moved.


invite them over to dinner and let them see your board with pictures of them at various places!

when they are looking through the telescope, do something creepy and weird to scare them

MrFlintstone 5

well op that explains the "being watched" feeling you get when you enter your house

Get a half scale replica of the Hubble and point it right at them.


maybe ur such a star that they needed a telescope!

shybear15 0

looks like they already got their introduction

calichik95 0

they just wanna know who there new neighbors are!

simply_improper 1

sounds like theyre planning a robbery. be sure to install an alarm, and make sure the pin pad is out of telescopic view. then get your own telecope and point it at their window

Thunderbender 2

I always feel like, somebody's watchin' meeeee.

They just want to get t to know you ! ... Creeps ...

garrettsgirl 0

flex your muscles like in the other FML!!!! then give them a little heads up when your going out!

armyboy5989 2

Today, my new neighbors moved in so I pulled out my telescope to see if they were weird people, well they decided to stop by walked in and thats when I realized I forgot to hide the telescope and they noticed it pointing at there how... now they're going to think I'm weird FML

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Does anyone realize that telescopes are fow looking very far away, close distances won't focus too well. that's what binoculars are for.

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lol you stole my profile pic! :P

Shadow1368 17

haha sorry bout that, my friend actually sent me that pic and I thought it kinda fit well with this FML, but I'll change it!! :D

"...stalkin' your mom, stalkin' your mom, stalk-stalk-stalking..."

It's not like they'd be hoping for a peepshow!

nicobington 1

ya it's just as non creepy as your picture


Andrew1122 0

maybe it was for the previous neighbors?

DaJavelin 0

Did anyone else laugh at 49's pic?

Woah.... since when did Pervy Sage live in Kentucky???

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Babydoll4ever 7

/: private investigator time ?

There's nothing to privately investigate? OP just knows that the neighbours' activities are very strange and stalker-like.

No, no, the neighbor IS the PI. He was just kind enough to save OP the trouble of paying for one.

Mi24hind 0

I wonder if that's why the original owner moved.

Temi25 6

the original owner was probably hot

well, hey. maybe its a misunderstanding. they could have just misplaced it or are moving it.

most likely explanation is that they were curious abt the new neighbors... not really stalkerish imo. prolly just looking at them as they move in... go back in a week if its still there u got a problem

martafarta 5

no, don't ruin it, they're creeps

Telescope? That's a bit extreme... Isn't it?

Yeah. Just use binoculars... P.S. I love your picture!

they like to see inside their neighbors pores.

Figure out where it's pointed and freak them out. You know, dance around in a big bird costume or something. Or just stand there and stare at then when they're looking at you.

Or point another telescope back at the same spot.

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