By humanchewtoy - 07/07/2018 20:30

Today, I was lying in bed recovering from a laparoscopy with my dog laying next to me. I fell asleep and later awoke to a burning pain on my incisions. My dog had decided the stitches would be fun to chew on. FML
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The pain of incisors on your incisions must be incredible.

Chew didn't wake up to it right away? Sorry that's terrible I know.


The pain of incisors on your incisions must be incredible.

Chew didn't wake up to it right away? Sorry that's terrible I know.

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Probably on good pain meds

Are there many stitches after they take a look at your lap?

The dog thought you were a squeak toy.

bl3ur0z3 17

Stitches after a laparoscopic surgery? I'm calling. B.S.

A quick Google search would have saved you from sounding like an idiot...

i had a laparoscopic surgery not even a month ago. they were shut with glue.

I had laparoscopic gallbladder removal back in 2016, and I had stitches. They weren’t bad at all by any means. I’m happy to have the laparoscopic done as opposed to me being gutted like a fish...

You should be very happy you didn’t have a circumcision!

julfunky 29

Maybe your dog thought that the foreign object needed to be removed from your wound. Our dog likes to remove our bandages because he needs to lick the wound.

Okay. I’ve had a laparoscopy myself, and they put a plaster on your wounds that you are not allowed to remove for 48 hours for one so your stitches shouldn’t have been exposed for the dog to get at, and two, they are tiny dissolvable stitches in/around your bellybutton and then another two or three near the bikini line. So this makes no sense, sorry.

Two of my laparoscopic surgeries required the use of old-fashioned stitches. I had both my knees reconstructed 5 years back.

Yup, not all are for endometriosis and the like. I had 3 for that and another to get rid of my gallbladder. That had extra incisions. I no longer have a belly button, just a scar. 😂

Yeah, right, especially if the surgery is on the knee, you sure get a cut on bikini line. Note: OP doesn't say what kind of laproscopy that was.

Most laparoscopic procedures (abdominal area) are closed with a monofilament stitch under the skin that dissolves, and the skin covered with steristrips or dermabond (liquid skin). Some surgeons still use nylon suture to close the skin on arthroscopic (i.e. the knee) because it holds the wound better in areas that will flex.

Uh, dude, your dog was trying to eat you.

boopingsnoot 24

Never trust a dog around bloodied bandages. They’ll dig thru trashcans for everything from used tampons to veterinary bandages, chew their own sutures and catheters out, and start eating humans alive if their toes smell like gangrene. Get that incision cleaned before you get necrotizing fascitis.