By ladylarni - 07/04/2013 08:20 - Australia

Today, my ex-husband officially became my stepdad. FML
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MonsterCommenter 4

What the hell is going on in your family?!?


DrumMajor 5

We totally just read that in my English class!

Well no, she would have had to find out that her ex-husband killed her first husband and is also her long lost son.

OP, judging by the FML, sounds like you had no say in this, and got stepped on pretty hard.

perdix 29

English class fail! If your brother became your step-dad, he could be Oedipus. The name of the man in your scenario could be any dude who appears in low-rent MILF ****.

I'm tired of people using this ******* phrase, "is his name Oedipus?" NO, HE IS NOT OEDIPUS, NOR DOES HE COME EVEN CLOSE. The only way I will ever except someone using that phrase is if the FML is about a guy having children with his mother. Anything short of that and I will bargain with Hades to send the ghost of Sophocles to rip out your eyes using a broach pin!!!

Yay, at last interesting fml comments! He could too be Oedipus, if he mudered OP's first husband, and no one realizes he was the long lost brother of OP. But OP, I'm so sorry, and shame on your mom.

blackheart24 10

OP=Oedi-Pus? Haha sorry guys, had to do it. And this first comment may not be 100% spot on, but at least it was more clever than "win" or "that sucks" like some of the dumber first comments out there.

Sorry OP, but: Still a better love story than Twilight.

Not quite Oedipean, but still messed up.

OHai15 12

OP, shun the living hell out of both of them. That's not even right.

Pfft... He couldn't be Oedipus.. Oedipus clearly was... And the ex is... I don't know who Oedipus is :P

RobinKCS 9

True, true, education WOULD help me in life...

The farther down you go, the more you can see the lack of education showing. ... Shit.

Or have Sisyphus drop a boulder on them?

Your mom must be pretty mean if she would marry your ex-husband.

No it doesn't really work with Oedipus but I see where it can be linked. He was married to his new wife's daughter meaning he was his wife's son-in-law, not biologically the son so not quite Oedipus material but closeish

an4rch13 3

Ah ha! I was thinking the same thing!

BVBfan 10

I have an education and didn't know who that was.

MonsterCommenter 4

What the hell is going on in your family?!?

GreenAppleDP 0

I wonder if they were on Jerry Springer first...?

tarabelle 7

OP: mom, my husband and I broke up :( Mom: I'm so sorry! Let me go talk to him! OP: okay... *a few hours later* Mom: (comes home) OP: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I thought you were just talking to him?? Mom: well, we did a bit more than talking... ;) OP:... Mom:he proposed to me!

ss_20_xx 14

This is a typical hollywood messed up story.

Just keeping it in the family... "family reunion, its gonna be a good one!"

So now technically speaking, your dad had sex with you.

At least she can now go to the cops saying her step-dad touched her inappropriately.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

Wait a second. Can't he only be her step dad if he obtains custody of her? And since they were married shes too old to be in a parents custody... Look on the bright side OP, he's just the creep both you and your mom married.

wildsweetchild 19

i guess he really got along with his mother in law...oh excuse me ..ex mother in law.

QueenQuay77 10
doglover100 28

My grandmother married my grandfather's brother. Think about it :P


Agreed! Boundaries that shouldn't be crossed!

216- Meh, it would've been quite interesting had your grandmother married your grandmother's brother, though.

Girlybanana 2

It would have been interesting if their grandmother married their grandfathers sister O.o

BellaBelle_fml 23

I know a step brother and sister that are married.

jerseyboy732 16

You obviously haven't watched Futurama.

It's actually off an older movie called the stupids or something. Love it!

Yeah it's from a movie called The Stupids, He sings it at the end. And that episode of Futurama he goes back in time and has sex with his grandmother.

Alright I have some learning for you guys. It is not originally from futurama, nor some movie. It's an honest to god country song from long ago by a guy named Little Jimmy Dickens. Radio play, records, the whole nine yards. Good old country music...

#5 So you are the hero that's going to save us from the super brains?

There is an episode where they travel back to the 1940's and it winds up Fry is his own Grandfather. Cracktastic!

Its also been covered by a ton of people. Including a rock band. The one I know is covered by Willie Nelson.

Nightwing98 22

If you had a kid with him, don't ask them to draw their family tree.

Or if both you and your mom had kids with him, that'd be a hard and confusing tree to get done. Outsider "Oh, you guys look so cute. Are you cousins?" Op's Kid "Oh, he's my brother/uncle and she's my sister/aunt" Outsider "Er... o_O"

well let's just hope her mom is too old to reproduce. then there wouldn't be the nephew/brother title

RedPillSucks 31

That's not a family tree. That's a family bush.

Yeah, 'cos there's a wreath in it. Seriously, I think that kid would be his own grandpa...

ssnowywinter 0

You know you're a redneck when your family tree is a wreath.

geod69 8

Nothing like keeping it IN the family

Did you attend the Wedding? Just wondering. :)

allthatandmore 0

I think I would, because u would be happy for my mom, but a little awkward

I think she had to probably. And I'm willing to bet that OP is not the only one who felt awkward at the wedding.

Damn, not only is that weird and awkward, but it's digusting... Because your ex husband had the guts to go after your mother and your mother crossed it & went with your husband... HolyFuckin'Cow...

RedPillSucks 31

******* the cow would have been less of a taboo.

nadnerbz 6

So if you had children with him, does that mean he's their dad, and their grandpa?

And if later, Op's mom also has kids with him, op's kid is the older half-brother & nephew!

er, I mean Op's kid would be the older brother/sister of Op's mom's kids and their nephew/niece at the same time.

Mearemoi 14

If he's both, then OP's kids might also be considered OP's step-sibling or something...

You ever hear that old song? It goes, "I'm my own Grandpa, I'm my own Grandpa. It's funny to know, but it really is so! I'm my own Grandpa." I remember hearing it when I was younger. This situation really reminded me of it. Poor kids.

What the hell kind of music did your parents let you listen to?

Parents couldn't dictate what music I listened to as a child, at the age of 5 I was listening to speed metal, hard rock, and alternative rock. Maybe this is the same case of a rebel child.

Haha 101, that was a song in my childhood too! 109, it actually is a funny little song, geared for children I believe.

See, this is why stuff like this is not meant to happen! It just messes everything up!

No My grandfather has remarried several times, I don't call any of his wives except the one that is my mother's mother nan

UsernameInCanada 7

Just go for a walk on your fat kid to McDonald's like a good texan and eat your way to happiness and heart complications.

flipfloperson 5
WaylonD 4

Texas ain't Arkansas fucktard!

Oh great, another idiot from another country who stereotypes the same nation that they have fought side-by-side for years. Why won't you kill in the mirror and insult yourself instead of stereotyping AN ENTIRE NATION.

bitch_pleez 10

My exhusband dumped me for my mom.... Let's go get McDonald's!!! Is that what your thought process was here?

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