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Today, my ex husband is marrying my sister. FML
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KiddNYC1O 20

What's wrong with your sister?

Sounds like the wedding I'm going to next week, but with my step brother and step sister...


KiddNYC1O 20

What's wrong with your sister?

xxsarahfxx 6

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Idonebeenhad 17

There's nothing wrong with her sister, apparently there's something wrong with OP.

xxsarahfxx 6

31- I agree. karma needs to visit her soon.

there's nothing wrong with her if she loves him than it doesn't matter who it is

Even if it is OP's ex? I think OP's sister doesn't sound like a very good sister... or person for that matter.

KiddNYC1O 20

58- Well, the sister could have been yearning for the ex-husband's love since the op was married with the guy... that could be a possibility and it is wrong. Either way you cut it, it's an insult to the op... obviously.

Trupe 3

Sounds perfectly fine with me. After a divorce, life goes on. You have to accept them being with someone else anyway. Why should it matter if it's your sister?

a_nutritionist 10

...i think youre all taking this one way too personally. i for one am going to remain happy for them until i hear that one of them did something untoward. it sucks for you, so fyl, i just really dont see why these two are apparently assholes all of a sudden...he didnt cheat with the sister, so...meh?

imacreeper 3

karmas a bitch only if you are. and in this case, karma is gonna cut that bitch up!

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PurpleRae420 0

Your sister is a BITCH for that I hope he cheats on her

Why is everyone getting angry just at the sister? The ex husband sounds like an asshole for doing that too.

Daerauko 0

yeah unless he cheated on OP it shouldn't matter too much. they had a divorce which was probably consentual between both parties. so they didn't work out as a couple, she shouldn't be hating her ex and sister because they are a match... for now.

nah bro there's something wrong with you

there is something wrong with her. she's a *****. ew.

I don't see anything wrong with this. For all we know OP could have been an overbearing bitch, a cheater, or both and he had no choice but to leave her. If her sister and the ex are happy and in love, nothing should compromise that. My brother dated my ex once, they worked out great and I didn't mind, they were great together where me n her weren't.

From husband to brother-in-law, that's gotta be awkward.

alexg823 0

Or, maybe karma was being a bitch to OP, maybe it's her own fault, you don't know that.

a_nutritionist 10

@202 it also doesnt mean they did.

Your EX is really taking a risk. Sorry pussy usually runs in the family...

EKS1572 0

144- op's sister had to agree to the marriage, and that's just messed up. I would never speak to my sister again if she did that to me. sorry op, fyl.

losrgrl 0

90, I like the way you think!

*202, I am inclined to agree with you. Regardless of whether they cheated or not, the probability is that they did. Can you just imagine what fun family get-togathers will be.

gossip_girl23 0

85- that's just not okay to marry a persons ex.. especially if the ex is of someone very close to you like a sister or a friend! it's the rule of girl hood!

why would she do such a thing to her own sister? damn

Hey, atleast now they both have one thing in common.

The real fml is that her sister is marrying her ex husband

you sister needs to learn "sisters before misters"

iSitt 0

he originally dated you to get to your sister. but things got out of control. write a movie script on it.

150: You need to learn the concept of "Real life".

enonymous 8

I think the real FML is that the husband was also once her uncle.

ThisGi 0

what a fail 188 it was obviously her brother in law

The same thing happened to me recently. It was not my ex husband though. It was bad enough for me I cannot imagine how the OP is feeling.

Ohhhhh...^^^^It was the same thing but only different.

flighted 1

exactly so how the hell does she have so many YDIs???

I always wonder how some of these FML's get YDI's when it seems like anyone with a little common decency wouldn't vote YDI. But it's really less than 10% at least for this post and I think some of it can be attributed to accidentally hitting the wrong button; while the rest is probably completely dysfunctional immature people and kids with no life experience.

going from husband to brother in law. awkward much?

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hey now. I'm pretty sure that's south Carolina. don't be hating on Arkansas. lmao

sassyangel24 0

Yeah Texas Frowns Upon That, Just An Fyi.,_From_Strictest_to_Loosest this sums it up. LOL

JustinThunder 8

couldn't be Louisiana, they do the cousin thing.

25 - Why The **** Do You Write Like This. it's ridiculous.

flighted 1

Yeah. I live in Texas. There is no way incest is ok in Texas. Do you realize everything is bigger and better here? including guns?

jane79 0
BrittanyPernell6 0

ummmm def not the sc I would kno kinda from there

omg ALABAMA!! thats what i was thinking of

Lol, you're all so darn funny. "No, it's not MY state! No way! It's this other state over there!"

stop lying, all you southerners do it :p

I wonder if she's her TWIN sister oh the possibilities are positively endless ^_^

my english teacher is married to my french teacher's twin :/

that's... kindof....mindbottling @_@ (kudos to you for being into linguistics tho ^_^)