By Anonymous - 30/04/2015 17:33 - United Kingdom - Limavady

Today, someone at work took my delicate medication out of the fridge to make room for their lunch. Now my medication has expired. FML
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Hopefully you're able to get a refill soon! Coworkers can be so insensitive at times :/

Looks like somebody's life has to expire now, huh?


People can be so considerate sometimes.

Hopefully you're able to get a refill soon! Coworkers can be so insensitive at times :/

Not just sometimes. All The time.

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life lesson: people are *****. people like coldplay and voted for the Nazis. can't trust em

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Liking Coldplay? Boy, that escalated quickly.

Looks like somebody's life has to expire now, huh?

Did you leave a note on it saying do not take out if the fridge?

How about a note that says dont touch what isnt yours?

It takes either an idiot or an asshole to need a note to NOT move someones medication

What if it was just in a plain bag? OP might not want everyone reading about whatever condition she has. If it was in a plain bag then it's completely reasonable to remove it for a minute while you're trying to get other things out of the fridge.

Pretty sure you don't remove anything from the fridge if someone has put it in there. You trust that whatever it is, someone has put it in there for a good reason. Your coworker sounds like a major idiot. Who takes anything, whether medication or lunch, out of the fridge just so that their lunch can fit. He basically said, my needs/wants are more important than yours. I'm going to try and give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he took the medication out to move stuff around so it would all fit, and then accidentally left the medication out and forgot to put it back in. But either way, he's an idiot and your life sucks op. I hope it wasn't life threatening meds or something that makes you go through withdrawals if you don't get it at that exact time. Depending on the med, this could be a really horrible situation! Good luck op.

Wow. How rude, hopefully you can get a refill and find out who did it. I would be so mad if that happened to me

jentrynicole 20

Was the medication labeled? There's a chance they didn't know it had to be refrigerated. However, they should offer to get you new medication.

Well common sense would come in. When I see meds in the fridge I'd assume they needed to be refrigerated .

XBurytheCastleX 25

The medication could cost a few hundred for all you know.

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Yea but why should op have to?

Wonderfully the op is in the UK so if they are unlucky and live in England it will cost them £8, if they are lucky to live in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland it would be free!

Limavady is in Northern Ireland, so it's free. But, that's not the point.

Not "free". The co-worker just screwed the taxpayers out of a lot of money. Humira, for example, costs $1800US.

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Doesn't matter if it was labeled or not if it's in the fridge chances are it has to be in there not to mention if it's not yours don't touch it you wouldn't take someone else's food out why would you take meds out

Sounds like you need to inform your coworkers of this OP.

There's a simple question anyone can ask themselves when sharing an office fridge: "Does this belong to me?" If the answer is no then you shouldn't eat it or remove it.

Since they didn't know the rules, they get half of the rabbit... err, meds.