By Guy - 17/10/2015 18:23 - United States - O Fallon

Today, the man who fired me from my job became my stepfather. FML
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The world is just too small.

Well, at least he can't fire you from being your mom's son.


"Well you may have laid me off but I laid your daughter so I guess were even"

What? His mom married the boss; OP didn't marry the boss' daughter.

I think you've gotten father-in-law and step father mixed up #1

It's more like, "I just fired you. Now I'm fucking your mom."

I guess it really pays not to comment immediately after waking up. Oh well.

wow awkward

Jut say that his daughter is better than his job.

you're the guy who laughs at jokes after everyone's gone. .

Least i have friends that can tell me jokes.

You can now ask him to hire you again?

Well I guess you can get your job back now

The world is just too small.

Too small to suffocate peoples lives

He is a smart man, you can't work with family, which is probably why you were fired.

Dick: that sounds even better to call him.

itwasntme14 19

What did he fire you for? If it wasn't anything really serious you should ask for your job back. But no matter why he fired you as your step dad he should be mentoring you and helping you get a new job. Good luck with your new family situation!

Well, at least he can't fire you from being your mom's son.

Son we're disowning you