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  alliewillie  |  22

do you not feel like a skank posting pictures of yourself only in panties? that's so tacky, it's like a cry for help.

did your daddy not hug you enough as a little girl?


lmaoo that is so true if I were him that def woulda have cheered me up then I would torment her for the rest of her life by doing the "fcking" motion n the "jerk n squirt" motion like tht little Chinese man did in tht movie the hangover

By  pennies_lane  |  6

don't worry op, in a few years you will have all the experience needed to pick up your future sons future ex girlfriend and you can all live together happily in a very twisted tree......I kid, I kid, that sux op!

By  NettotWSecnarf  |  0

That is f**cked up. I wanna know how old these three people are. Obviously (hopefully) the OP is into older women and his dad is into (much?) younger women.

I really hope she wasn't cheating on OP with his dad and that was her reason for the break up. It'd be like his was getting sloppy seconds with his dad. Eww!