By edhere4u2nv - 06/06/2012 18:51 - United States - Ozone Park

Today, I got into a fight with my mom, and stormed out of the house. I walked two blocks before realizing that I have no place to go, and no friends to vent to. FML
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It might be time to realize it's not everyone else in your life who cause the problem

Should of just went into your room and got on the computer and put it on Facebook, that's what everyone else does


Think before you act?

Sometimes thinking before you act isn't the best option - if he'd got to the door, paused and said, "hang on, I'M FRIENDLESS." then his dramatic exit would have been less dramatic and more humiliating.

Looks like you lost huh OP

Sucks... Well... At least there's the Internet,riiiight?

Why the hell would "think before you act" be such an unpopular sentiment? Has the crowd here really become that juvenile? Granted it was punctuated poorly and yes, it applies to the majority of the posts here but it's sound advice nonetheless.

54: Nothing you just said makes sense.

citymayer 7

Actually 62 it did make sense. Do you have a brain? Perhaps you should use it.

I am unsure as to why this comment was thumbed down so many times. It is a good, valid and relevant piece of advice.

62 - it makes perfect sense... Think before you post.

To storm out and forget he has nowhere to go, I guess he was too upset to think before acting. You do not seem to take the circumstances into account. I think that's why people disagree with you. In general, of course, you have to think before doing anything. But then, we're not robots, and sometimes emotions have the upper hand, momentarily, and that's human.

I suppose people saw the comment, didn't like the length and that bastard the question mark, and disliked it. Without thinking before they acted, Ironically. :D

op this happens to me all the time...

Go to a soup kitchen it's clean lots of nice people and food.

I don't think storming out of the house is neccessarily a bad thing, Op put some distance between them and the situation. However, the real FML is that they have no friends, which means they might need to rethink their life and make some or come to terms with it.

14, if you would have thought to not storm out and instead to storm to your room and then go onto the Internet... THEN you would have thought before acting.

mariesexxxface 13

Didn't think that one out!

Because when I'm upset to the point of storming out my first thought is exactly where I am going and I even have an exact picture of who I want to talk too. If you are that upset about anything thinking ends and flight mode begins, it's human nature.

jsprackman 11

We all get into big fights with our parents, just try to make up with them. She will understand.

Or frame you and get you grounded for the whole summer! (another fml reference)

Sexy picture c:

Always interesting that many pictures online of girls show more cleavage then face now-a-days.

ChickInGreenVans 12

And you reckon a car is better?? What are you.. A transformer??

82 must be desperate if she's trying to flirt on FML.

Wait, you mean being in an e-relationship still isn't commonly acceptable?! Well, back to the cryo-chamber.

It might be time to realize it's not everyone else in your life who cause the problem

BunchieRules 31

Thanks for sharing. Please write a post relating to the FML next time.

Well that must suck

Well gee, ya think?

Go that way ------->

Well that sucks.

olpally 32

Well... Awww **** it... *thumbs you down* and as for op, go talk things out. It can't get much worse then that, I suppose.

ChickInGreenVans 12

you dont say..

If you have a pet it would work well

Yeah I guess normal people don't vent to their pets anymore

I vent to horses, but only a little.

I don't know...I find it very hard to believe that OP had absolutely nobody to vent too...I mean sure it's a probability but I feel as if this is an irrational thought in the heat of the moment...

rightspark 7

She has friends here to vent too

olpally 32

31- op is a guy... FYI.

Yeah...I figured I get down and nice one 31;P

I don't get why you would think that. A lot of people only have a couple of really good friends instead of 20 billion Facebook friends. If you only have a couple, a lot of times none of the ones that live close to you might not be available.

But what OP stated suggested she didn't have ANYBODY I myself only have 4 super close friends...but I'm just saying its kind of unlikely that there was nobody...

It's hard to believe but some people actually don't have friends... Trust me :(

Should of just went into your room and got on the computer and put it on Facebook, that's what everyone else does

Sometimes when I'm home alone I like to lay in the corner and pretend I'm a snail

But he doesn't have friends on facebook.

122- "Very sad to be apart of this generation... airing their dirty laundry to the entire world on the Internet" ...You DO realize this is FML right? That's what this entire website is about.