By Stephie2009 - 30/10/2010 06:33 - United States

Today, my mother got remarried. I am now officially older than my step-father. FML
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spikey818 9

it's like you have a little brother.

What's with all the people saying they love cougars? Those are dangerous creatures!!


Fuck him

greeneyedgoalie7 0

that's creepy

KingDingALing 9

No! What's wrong with you?! She should suck him off.

Blink182ftw 0

that, is ****** up

TenderizeMe 0

Atleast he has money.

38 how do you know he has money? Usually when the young ones go after the old ones they're the ones who want money..

Currentlyonfire 4

blink182 is a gay band. Rick astley is the ma'am. never gonna give you up bitch.

atleast you can kick his ass

☻/ Hi im bob, copy paste me /▌together we can help women / we can stop women suffrage We dont want them to suffer

79, old joke

lildevil963 0

does tht mean u can ground him

I smell a cougar

if the age thing is a problem then it's easily resolved.... just marry ur mum.

tweetbaby14 18

97 I'm pretty sure that's illegal... also what woman would want to marry their own mother?



wintamint101 7

cougar alertt


greeneyedgoalie7 0

nahhh that's me

greeneyedgoalie7 0

**** lol

x_pgmg 3

bahahaha mom is rockin' the cradle...ew..

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5


WearingHats 14

More like robbing the uterus.

TorturedXeno 27

OP and the new husband should go have some bro-time (or is it daddy-son bonding time?).

People are crazy.

spikey818 9

it's like you have a little brother.

that bangs your mom

wrong way to get a new sibling

phreshboi 1

lol true

TheDrifter 23

That's a great way to get a sibling. I'm five years older than my stepmother, it's like she's a little sister. I even went to the bar with her and da to celebrate her 21st.

dabomb_17 2

loll green dayy

Wowzers. Do you have to change his diapers?

perdix 29

Go Cougar MILF!


cougars are Hott go your mom!


DarkHelmet 10

Well then assert your dominance over his ass now so he knows who's the Boss!!! But that's definitely a WIN for your mom for being a Cougar & a MILF

FLCL4711Fox 0

so does that mean if your dad does something wrong you can ground him?