By kimhinesvoinea - 07/04/2013 12:07 - United States

Today, I took multiple pictures of my blanket and pillow pet, trying to get the "perfect pose" so I could post it on Facebook with a cheesy joke. I'm 30. FML
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What was the joke?

McNikk 15

You're still not half as bad as those people who do those duck faces.


What was the joke?

Possibly "I won't cry for you, My Mascara is too expensive."

6.... Why would that be the joke?

Bad comment day, I suppose. I wasn't sure what to post.

That OP is 30 and has a pillow pet.

SmallyBigs 9

Don't knock it. Pillow pets are awesome. All the comfort of a pillow with the fun of a stuffed animal. 2 birds, one stone

The joke was that it wasn't a cheesy joke. It was a Monterey Jack joke.

Ok, a pillow pet and a blanket walk into a bar...

The blanket starts eating pretzels while the Pillow Pet drinks water. So then the blanket offers the Pillow Pet a pretzel, and the Pillow Pet says, "No thanks, I'm stuffed!"

The photo....I presume.

Lets see what develops...

Op needs to go on a vacation and get some photos worth having.

xSunnyOlivia 17

12- Not everyone has money for vacation.

TheDrifter 23

Not all vacations are expensive. There is something cool to do within an hour of where most people live. And if you have a friend with an econobox of a car, gas will be cheap, and you won't have to try to thumb a ride.

OP can just try walking outside. A lot to photograph right outside one's own door!

#34 If your ride makes you thumb them, it isn't worth it.

Do you have a fedora too?

Kamibu 12

Fedoras are classy. Unless they're furry and on a PUA. But that goes for most things.

If we lived in the 50's they would be.

Kamibu 12

If you can look at Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey in White Collar and tell me that fedoras can't be both classy and modern, you sir, lack taste. Though I'm confused as to why laughinstock brought up fedoras to begin with.

Fedoras are so not classy.

That depends on your interpretation of "classy".

I have a fedora. I only wear it when the situation is right. Also, you have to have the full, Indiana Jones-type Fedora, not those girly short-brimmed ones.

Fedoras are classy. As Long as they ARNT the Girly ones. I have a black one sitting next to my door. I usually wear it. Must say, I've gotten quite a few compliments. Fedoras are sexy. Much like bow-ties... ...ahh doctor who...

Facebook is serious business.

twaumat 28

heck yes! people lost jobs man!

As long as you weren't posing with your bed furnishings, it's not quite as bad.

coolboy675 16

Let me guess, you tried to make your pet dress like Superman.

I guess you were the joke?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

wow kind of harsh ... at least there are interesting, unique people out there to keep our world interesting.

McNikk 15

You're still not half as bad as those people who do those duck faces.

Truer words were never spoken.

Been there, done that.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya I agree. we all do "out there" stuff every once in a while. its just being goofy.

Kamibu 12

I got disproportionately upset when my puppy got a hold of my penguin PillowPet (Prince Wesley Snugglebottom the Third). But was the joke cheesy like, so-bad-it's-good, or cheesy like, so-bad-it's-depressing? Because that's what counts. And also, your PillowPet did not get deflowered and destuffed by a small dog in heat. That counts too.