By stepsister - 10/06/2011 05:17 - United States

Today, I met my soon-to-be step mother. My dad was right, we had a lot in common. Including our birth year. FML
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you can go out to party's together and be best friends. how weird and awkward would that be?

FMLandurstoo 9

Did you go to highschool together?


you can go out to party's together and be best friends. how weird and awkward would that be?

wow your dad must be what girls call a DILF.. but yea thats def weird to have a parent be inna relationship with someone their kids age.. good for him i guess but for you ehhhhhh not so much..

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ImmortalKratos 0

everyone calm the f*ck down. she doesn't say her age she could be like 30 and the dad could be like 50. that's not to bad is it?

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was she the cheerleader that made highschool hell for u

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damn....your old man still got it!

you should call her mama sounds more like she is your girlfriend around friends

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kinda reminds of the famous fml "my ex girlfriend is now my step mom" or sum like tht

you should call her by her first namee

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call her grandma for the fun of it

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If you're about to marry someone who is the same age as your child, it doesn't matter how old you are. There's something WRONG with you.

**** her everyday when ur dads as work . WIN

FMLandurstoo 9

Did you go to highschool together?

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Did you think about all the naughty things you would do to her before this happened?

So? She's a girl. Lesbians and Bi-Sexuals have fantises too

was your dad stalking her in highschool.

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Where does it say OP is a girl? they might be, but it doesn't specifically say so in the FML.

FMLandurstoo 9

Her username is stepsister.

fthku 13

Yes, which suggests OP thinks of her soon to be step-mom as more of a step sister, doesn't it? she could be referring to herself, but it seems just as likely to me she refers to her step mom. In any case, you can't know for sure OP is a woman.

When an old woman goes after a young man, she's called a cougar. When this happens, it's normal

You say that like being called a cougar is a bad thing

cldean24 4

Yeah, completely normal... That's why it is on FML.

untrue. the father is what is known as a manther

No, actually I believe when an older man goes after a younger woman it's called a petophile.....

SpruceDread4578 13

^ 1. Pedophile 2. no, being a pedophile is going after someone under the allowed age limit or shall I say the age limit your local society gives like maybe if you 19 going after 17 year olds it's okay but 16 is not okay.

Close, but no. Pedophilia is the condition of being attracted sexually to pre-pubescent forms. Being attracted to a fully developed 16 year old is completely normal. Stop listening to what the mass media says and get educated. Pedophilia is fairly rare. Most 'child ****' doesn't involve it, but we prosecute it all the same. Think of the children!! Pretty much end all logic on the topic.

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Now you can have sleepovers and gossip about boys and sex. That shouldn't be awkward at all!

so how's your sex life going mom oh you know..... xD

johnson94 5

I get it!!! it's cuz its like the step mom is having sex with the girls dad!!! geewilickers!!! hahahahaha

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Wicked comprehension skills ya got there, 32.

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wow 32, you must've been top of your class with that brain!

32- you're wearing short-shorts and saying "geewilikers" ... I just thought I should point that out...

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holy crap wow, your dad likes the young ones

I'm sorry, that sucks. be proud for your dad though, unless she's a bitch.

Take her out drinking and partying! If she cheats on your dad, tell him and see if they break it off. Talk about cradle robbing there...

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hmm.. well hey youll have a new bestie :) and when she tells you what to do, slap her.