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  ygdrassil  |  7

Take out the batteries and soak the camera in rice. Immediately—Move! Move! Move! Also $200 is like a point-and-shoot, you have to spend at least six hundred before you even get into the hobbyist line of products.

  bigbadtim  |  29

You didn't say that, you typed it. (I an of course assuming that you don't talk outloud what you are typing at that moment. If you do, my bad.)

  kurato  |  23

@117, my face :), although I think that the reason why my face change a lot @ everyone else vote DYI, come on, give her a break. It call reflexes (not reaction, because if it reaction, she wouldn't block with the camera),everyone have it, some process more thinking more than other during it. Deal with it. If I punched you in the face, you would cover your face.

  TheZarola  |  11

Water can obviously be blocked. If them item you're blocking with is big enough and/or the amount of water is small enough, or even if it was just a good block, chances are you will not get wet.

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