By Dominic - 14/06/2009 19:14 - Canada

Today, as a prank, my friends put a big bucket of water on my door so that it would spill on me as I exited my room. It would have been funny if I hadn't been holding my $900 laptop as I was walking out. FML
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Aweeee I'd smash my friend's face till they paid for it

ignore the troll, #2. Tell your friend to pay for it.


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That'd really suck for me, because I have a list of all my neopets accounts on it.

doglover100 28

I'd make them pay for a replacement

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It was his fault for trying to prank his friend. And for all you know he could have agreed to let him use the laptop. So it's the OP's own fault for doing that.

I think you should read the FML a couple times before commenting.... OP's friends are pranking him, not the other way around genius.

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That's why you carry it in a case, fucktard.

theres little ones now that work so good and only cost like 300

Beat your 'friend' and demand for him to pay for a new one? @ 2 -- Who the **** carries their laptop in a case IN THEIR HOUSE? Or do you happen to be OCD?

He never said anything about having it in a case.

Never mind. Apparently #2 said something about a case and it's been moderated now.

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Who carries a laptop in a case while in their room? Btw FYL =(

He never said anything about having it in a case...

Never mind #2 is moderated. Didn't know he said something about a case.

ignore the troll, #2. Tell your friend to pay for it.

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#2, what if you were just walking to a different room with it? Fucktard. =) Oh, and that sucks! FYL. =(