By Squeezebox - / Wednesday 30 August 2017 08:00 / United States - Missoula
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By  mt21mt  |  12

I've never understood the idea of letting a kid have a toy gun to shoot at whatever he/she wants... Hopefully, if your son ever has his hands on a real gun, he will know the difference, and will have a good idea of firearm safety.

By  jfsiv  |  15

How old is your son? if he's too young to know better, then YDI for giving him a watergun and not supervising him, if he is old enough, then FYL and I recommend that his next birthday/Christmas present be a new tv for the family.


Today, my mom threw away a bag of tiny parts belonging to a $1,700 robot. Naturally, I figured this out at midnight and had to spend 30 minutes digging through three nasty trashcans overflowing with rotten food and spiders. The bag was dripping with what looked like cheese by the time I found it. FML

By Sen728 - / Thursday 25 September 2014 02:10 / United States - East Haven
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