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Today, I met my fiancée's parents for the first time. Her dad was telling me how he's not rich but not poor either. I replied, "Well, as long as you're not a garbage man!" Guess what his profession is. FML
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The woman you're about to marry never told you what her father did for a living?


this is why you think before you speak just a friendly word of advice (:

It's funny because he's a laywer and he sued his son-in-law.

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ohhh this is so funny!!! :) but what is wrong with garbage man? they get good money doing it!!! I'd rather do that than whipe some old people in an hospital!

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I agree. But how is it that he didn't know what his fiancé's dad does? sheesh. Don't they ever talk? I figure they'd have to talk about their parents sometime.

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"Today, I met my fiancée's parents for the first time." It's not like what each other's parents do are at the top of every couples list.

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is he a construction worker? a dog catcher? an alien photographer? a prison guard? is he a test subject for cosmetics...? he's cool.

Garbage men get paid well because their job is so disgusting. So, yeah, THINK before you talk. Dumb butt.

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Mumbellosity711 0 me la...ctose intolerant.

I bet half the people who disliked this are garbage men hahaha

Wait so u guys are gettin married and u just now met there parents?

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maybe you should have figured out where we works before insulting careers. :)

he's engaged to the guys daughter should he know his future wifes family enough to know that?

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garbage is his proud profession then

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a garbage man?! did I get it?!!

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why would u say that..thats stupid

i agree with you, its quite a silly thing to say

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least you can take this lesson with you from now on... now walk away with your tail between your legs..

FFML_314 11

The woman you're about to marry never told you what her father did for a living?

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exactly. that's really really strange. we've only been dating a month and i already know what my boyfriend's parents do for a living.

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hey the only one to blame here is the daughter, I'm guessing she must have been too embarassed to say wat her fathers profession was.

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ohthebloodygore 16

Wait, I'm confused. Why does it say boy but say fiancée? :l

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*slow moment* Got it, never-mind.

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Chris, you fail for not capitalising my name. Thank you very much!

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precious I never capitalize your name, especially when I'm drunk lol.

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You all fail. Get off my comment, bitches.

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I hate the comment bug. I said: Bianca, not that I'm against you, but no. The only thing he calls me beside my name is 'the wicked witch of the west'. I highly doubt that transformed to the sweet calling of precious. :P He always fails; he just won't admit it. Aria, you're an idiot. Don't call me a bitch! Lmfao. How rude.

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grr stupid comment bug air shut it Bianca - no shut it :p I still stand by my original comment haha :)(: Precious*- I never capitalize your name really sheesh shows how much attention you don't pay to our convos, once again!!

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Chris, you just capitalised my name while stating you don't. Good job little buddy! You fail, again. Contradicting yourself. :P

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precious- stipulate lying to everyone!! I've called you alot of different names lol ok ok I'll be nice this once :p Preciosa wicked bruja española de Inglaterra :D lol

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Bianca, it does. :P I'm a bitch. How is bitch a term of endearment? O_o

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yfg precious do you not see the asterisk correcting it just to please you?!? jeez learn to pay attention for once lol

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Who's air? Precious, OK OK. I still love you. The other bitches can go though.

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Bianca, Shut It. Lmfao :PPppppPpppp precious/Preciosa- no you're not a bitch, just troubled, somewhat.

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Bianca- make me! only way I shut it is when I sleep, sometimes seeing as I sleep talk, or drink n eat otherwise never! lol oh and I have a bone to pick with you Bianca >=|

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Puto error comentario. I said: @ Bianca, I get what you mean about the bitch thing. Bitch. :) @ Chris, I am not troubled. @ Aria, I love you too! @ everybody, you bitches! :]

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*Blushes like a little school girl*

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All right, you bitches. We should stop being threadjackers. Move along, bitches. See what you started, bitch? Bitch and idiot are my new words. :]

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Preciosa callese haha Bianca- your profile is too log to read lol

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Not lazy Bianca I'm buzzing now lol

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I use bitch, because people find it offensive. It's my virtual weapon. Muahahaha.

Wow you are a total idiot , just like seriously, stfu, the world doesn't have the tolerance for people with attitudes like you

You are extremely annoying and you are a bitch not us

thats what you get for being a stereotyping prick!