By Rick - 14/03/2010 13:36 - United Kingdom

Today, I fell in a river with a £700 camera, a £200 lens, and an iPhone while trying to rescue a 50 pence ball for my dog. FML
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sourgirl101 28

That sucks but your heart was in the right place. You know how much your doggie loves his ball.

Monikabug 9

You don't take that stuff to a river. Keep it locked in your car. You just voided your warranty with Apple, but maybe you can get your camera and lens replaced? FYL


bigpapi210 0

yay first! well you're an idiot!

It was worth it.

hi mom and dad and hey there snickerdoodles!!!

your own fault dogs suck monkeys dicks

xoxogrrrr93 0

lmfao .

OP, YDI for being an idiot, always leave the electronics at home or in your car when you go on boat, and why the **** you wanted to save a little ball that cost that little?

Wow, the firsties never learn. I would think it was be the dog's job to retrieve things. I might've done the same thing in your place. I hate to lose things and the adrenaline of the moment carries you away. Your dog is rather grateful though. I really hope you have a warranty that covers that. FYL

Ajjas013 6

Most warranties don't cover water damage.

robhammer 0

you deserve it for using forgien money

livluvlaff8 0

well that wasn't very smart was it??

livluvlaff8 0

@55 it's not forgien money if he lives in the u.k. which he does

epiclyamazinly 0

That's why you take those things out of your pocket smart one. :)

sugarbabyxoxo 2

54 who's your warenty through for your stuff I dropped an iPod touch in a ****** puddle 2 years ago and warenty didn't cover it at all. and I broke the little thing inside, that board thing that the charger plugs into on my second one.. and now I like am scared I'm gunna break my iPhone... lol so you should totally tell me who all that warentys through it would be sweet!

TapeMan_3000 0

lol bear flu got corrected that happens to me all the time. oh and ydi for being an idiot op.

ydi dumbass. seriously??? was it worth it?? I think not

@69 where would he put said things in his pocket? Is the dog going to watch them? I wouldn't trust that dog. haha. fyl op. Your camera is toast but in a few days see if it'll turn back on. waterlogged cameras take really cool photos.

Oh yeah, about the iPhone take this as an opportunity to get a droid!

81- lol I have never understood how people just drop their $100 items, had this iPod touch for 2 years and I've never dropped while using it every day

78euge781995 0

You should've taken off all those things then gt the ball in the water. YDI.

the lens should be fine

Felendris 0

errr it always seems to be an iPhone -_-

YDI for having an iPhone.

why does your dog need 50 penis balls ?

whats a penis ball ?

ookshnnad 0

ur suck a loser...horrible commenter

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@117 lmao I was changing a song and it slipped out of my hand and the headphones unplugged so it fell in a puddle haha i had a 32 gig, than I bought another one and it broke somehow I don't even know how I broke the little board thing in it. butt my iPhone is always in my pocket when I'm near any disasters waiting to happen hahaha

Ajjas, u should change ur dp it's creeping the hell out of me. a scary creep nerdy dude sticking out his tongue is ******* disturbing.

mexicutioner123 0

UFO for having a dogg

who said he was in a boat

OMG!!! THATS JUST HORRIBLE! HEAd onn! Hope you gett it back with insurance or Warranty? :))

ehh most warranties I know won't honor water damage but it's worth a try... ...but seriously, it's not like your fall was unexpected unless you capsized a boat or something... standing next to water reaching over water usually means there is a chance of getting wet...

ThuhBoss 0

My brother spent a couple grand on a camera and warranty, and water damage was excluded from it.

Yeah warranty doesnt cover water damage... but once, my ipod nano screen filled with water because of rain. I went to the store and just told them it stopped working haha. They exchanged it for an "opened-box" ipod. So you could give it a try!

OP is a man though. I'm pretty sure my own 'I don't know what happened, it just stopped working' routine (read: I accidently put it through a 40 degree wash) only worked cause I batted my eyes and wore a see through top.

capgray 0

u deserve it for being british. that damn brit money will always get ya into trouble

Ehhhhhh, no. You suck for using farenheit.

MetroidSlayer01 8


you suck for misspelling fahranheit.

Yeah. You got raped by a bouncy ball. In the booty hole. Hard. And not just any hard; I mean Rosie O'Donald's-penis-when-she-watches-vollyball hard.

Ajjas013 6

Normally I would ask how you know that, but this time I think I'll just stare in a fascinating awe at the level of depth of knowledge your comment has.

I'm sorry, but I can't stand your picture...the level of faggotry...

m0tl3ycru3qwr 0

nice analogy now I can feel ops pain

Op ever heard of insurance? Next time try to invest for those expensive toys.

Monikabug 9

You don't take that stuff to a river. Keep it locked in your car. You just voided your warranty with Apple, but maybe you can get your camera and lens replaced? FYL

Ofcourse he would take his phhone so he could get calls in case of emergancies and everthink that he was taking pics of the river?He might have been bending. down to grab the ball and fell. He said FELL not jumped. But really, FYL.

fwank 1

wow bro, that sucks how much is that in euros or whatever. but that sucks

yeah dude switch to dollars for USA's sake

No. Translate it yourself. But this was a true FML. Whoever said British people eat ****, go eat some McDonalds, lard ass.

I fight mma idiot I don't cant mcdolalds

but I don't can't spell right nither

Ignorant kiddos. Not everybody is American.

Hang on! Dfos actually has a brilliant idea; convert your £ to $ then you'll have twice as much money and can replace your things with a nice little profit! BTW, I LOLd at 122. Self-deprecation FTW

maddie1 0

wow dude that sux i feel really bad for u

lovelyred 0

lesson learned don't be a dumbass.

Jeeeeeeeeez...that really sucks. Make the dog get the ball next time! Hello!!???

Monikabug 9

Pence is equivalent to cents.

I'm waiting for obnoxious Americans to say some shit likw ydi for being british or how much is that

Not all Americans are obnoxious you know

nomnommonster 0

Yeah. Every country has their fair share of obnoxious beings.

YDI for being british

Stupid naive Brits

Damn Brits witht their rubbish teeth and their tea and scones! Ok, I'm English :(

Why just obnoxious Americans? Are you saying America is the only country that has some mentally challenged 10 year olds?

Ajjas013 6

No, we also have some obnoxious 11 year olds.

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chemqueen20 0

we also have some wannabe straight up gangsta 13-14 yr old G's that raid lasertag places. talkin all kind of shit when they get shot o.O

also, British people eat ****

Ajjas013 6

And your retarted ass question mark looks like a hooker's *****. And that's YOUR question mark precisely, not anyone else's. Just yours. Congrats you're a talking sex toy.

Ajjas013 6

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