By Anonymous - 16/07/2012 00:12 - Canada - Brampton

Today, my dad sat me down for a talk. After the talk, he wasn't my dad anymore. FML
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Then who is your biological father?

Obviously telling you who the biological father is would be pointless.

We're going to have to get this shit on Maury!

I don't understand why #1's comment was buried. Seems like a good question to me.

Did anyone else think that by 'no longer my father' that OPs Dad got a sex change/announced a sex change to OP? I know that's probably not the case. Seems funnier this way though :3

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I remember when my dad sat me down for "the talk"

So you don't know who your biological father is either? (sorry, the app glitched while I was typing)

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Is your mom still your mom, at least?

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Well seeing as there is a slight possibility that his dad might have had a sex change, that seems unlikely.

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It happened to me too. Well... Not in such a nice way.. I don't know who my real dad is, but I don't really care. Sometimes it just doesn't matter.

I also assumed that the dad sat down to explain he had a sex change and was now "his second mother" (gay adoptive parents often both like being called the dad/mom).

Why would you want to find your biological father anyway? If you already have a father who cares about you and does everything for you then why?

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My first thought was disowning. But, yeah, sex-change or adoption is probably more likely.

Court dismissed... Bring in the dancing lobsters!

76- you won this thread for your comment.

I believe that Baustigt is slowly rising towards becoming an FML legend.

You have an entire ball made of dust? You need a swiffer.

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Is this guys username really petarded .. Wow.

It's a family guy reference people!!

I believe we're missing a crucial piece of information here.

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What's missing? There's 2 possibilities: he's adopted or his dad isn't his biological father. Nothing too complicated to figure out here

amandalillian 27

I for one would also like to hear how the conversation took such a surprising turn

It was a joke... The way the FML is worded makes it sound like the dad did some magic trick and 'alakazam!' he was no longer OP's dad. It's just quite vague.

That's what I thought it sounded like to. Haha.

Not necessarily. It could be that his dad had a sex change, making him/her a mom.

Am I the only one who thought maybe he was disowned? Isn't that a possibility?

I guess being disowned is a possibility too. I didn't think of that one.

I was thinking maybe his parents got a divorce...

Even if they got divorced, he would still be his/her dad.

Because getting divorced changes the DNA of your children... =_=U

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*heavy breathing* OP.....I am not your father. Now that that's through. I think the best assumption is adoption as disowning someone usually isn't a "lets have a sit down" kind of conversation.

Could be a third option... Maybe he killed his Dad...

I doubt that learning of being adopted would cause OP to think of this father figure any differently. I was adopted, and the woman who adopted me is my mother, no questions asked. I've always known I was adopted and it doesn't change a thing. My first thought was OP's father confessing to being transsexual. It's far more common than people think.

I mean it could be a switched at birth scenario....

I thought they had sex and he was now a rapist or something. I guess I have a sick mind.

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Or his dad could be a woman now

Magically changed genders mid-conversation? seems legit

RobinKCS 9

And he never told you for how many years that you're adopted, or that your mother whored around, or something? This also seems pretty vague. :I

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Yeah, I feel like there is something missing from this FML.

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he could have been adopted or maybe his father disowned him :( The first is probably more likely though.

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58- And his mom was his brother!

His mother may not have "whored around" he could have been an ivf baby (or what ever it's called)

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I'm kind of offended.. My mom wasn't whoring around when she got pregnant for me.. The guy just left her and moved away before ahe knew she was pregnant and she had no way to contact him and no one to help her find him.

#5 - the dad might not have known, before.

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The great thing about this fml is that you can make what happend up yourself.

At first I thought this was going the family guy route. Then I was like hmm maybe I should look at this more seriously. Op at the end of the day he was the one that was always there for you (that's if this was going down the adopted route) :)

Yea you don't have to be the biological father to be a dad :)

Well, that sure escalated quickly.

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At least he's there for u right? :)