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Today, my mother and I went to a meeting at my school about a camping trip the students in my grade will be going on. When the time to ask questions came, my mother raised her hand and loudly asked, "What if my child is on their period during the trip?" FML
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That reminds me of my dad... He always grabs "feminine products" in the grocery store and yells loudly to my sisters "Do you need any more of these?!" just to embarrass them.


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As long as she doesn't swim in the ocean, she should be fine. Uh oh, I think I hear the FMLShark!

She didn't need to ask that, just bring "stuff" for it.

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Either way her mom is pretty embaressing

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Bears can smell the menstruation.

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True story: I was on a camping trip and a bear had been spotted near the campsite. The first thing the counselor yells (in a REALLY loud voice to scare the bear)? "GIRLS, IF YOU'RE ON YOUR PERIOD, DON'T TAKE OUT THE TAMPON!!!" One girl who was not too bright and didn't get that she could've just ignored it yelled back, "DON'T WORRY, IT'S NOT FOR ANOTHER WEEK." Keep in mind we weren't the only people at camp.

Omfg. I just snorted like a piggy, laughing about this one. I can totally picture it in my head. Nice one #33.

I like how she said child and not daughter.

#31-- I thought bears (or at least sharks, so maybe it doesn't apply to bears as well) aren't attracted to menstrual blood because it smells... er... different than the tasty blood in other parts of the body. Something about how it smells like "dead" blood to them.

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I don't know whether that's more disgusting or interesting.

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Ahh, Anchorman. Yeah, I saw that. Brick killed a guy.

The Boston Bruins(American Hockey Team) rule cuz 1. They are the best NHL Team. and 2. Their "Mascot" is a bear. Remember; DON'T POKE THE BEAR.

This one is most definitely going on my favorites.

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Thanks. It all makes sense now

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Haha yeah.. I stabbed someone in the heart with a trident.

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#103 its more than just blood its tissue too.

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And the snakes and sharks LOL

Really? Thank you for that wonderful insight, it was very educational and well thought out. I'm sure now that everyone reading your comment will achieve a new level of enlightenment.

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Oh god # 12. You made cereal come out of my nose I laughed so hard.

Wait. Is that the blood coming out of me every month? Wow, thanks for the update!

#Achievement Unlocked: make someone laugh so hard, cereal comes out their nose.

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2 was just commenting on the limited relevance of the mother's question.

it's a logical question. but FYL, she should have asked it privately.

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Or she should have had the brains to figure it out on her own. Sorry OP, I'm sure that was quite an embarrassment. Have fun on your camping trip.

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it's a 'what if' question. One others may benefit from. It's part of life, get over it

That reminds me of my dad... He always grabs "feminine products" in the grocery store and yells loudly to my sisters "Do you need any more of these?!" just to embarrass them.

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That's the kind of dad I wanna be.

My mom practically whispers while in the entire store except in that isle. "DO YOU NEED ANY OF THESE _________?" my response: "mom I'm right beside you!"

This makes me think of my first period, when it was a sunday so the stores were closed and my mom got to the neighbours to ask for tampons because: "My daugher is having her period for the first time!" Thanks mom. Now te whole neighbourhood knows i'm finally bleeding out my ******. -_-

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What she was really announcing was "My daughter is finally ready to have BABIES!!!! Who wants to make me a grandma???"

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That sucks... I would so kill my father if he ever did that.

If she doesn't think you can handle that on your own, should she even let OP go on the trip in the first place??

Do you have any idea how awful it is to have the period when camping, without toilets or shower? Only a mother who really cares would think of asking that question.

A "mother who cares" would have asked it privately to avoid causing an embarrassing situation that will haunt this poor girl for years!

#61-- I don't see why it should be treated any differently from other bodily functions. Pooping while camping is also more difficult and more uncomfortable, but it's still pretty self-explanatory. And don't most campsites have showers or at least a bathroom nowadays?

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Maybe it wasn't directed towards you, or your mom is an a**hole. Thats something you keep privite.

GRAMMAR NAZI COMING THROUGH, GRAMMAR NAZI! I believe the correct spelling would be "private". Thank you, I'm out.

I think parents just enjoy asking this weird questions :( Im sorry that you had to be there and to be part of that question..

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My problem with this is that it shouldn't be a "weird" question. People still treat menstruation like the woman has the plague. It's a natural body function and no one should be embarrassed to talk about it. Of course I always get the stare of death from my daughter when the topic comes up.....

I agree, we should not feel "ashamed" or something, but it still private topic..

Those lions, tigers, and bears can smell blood from up to 4 miles away. You better bury those tampons!

School camping trips tend to be on campsites, so I would assume you take a big supply of pads/tampons/whathaveyou and change them in the toilet. Not that hard.