By PeeEverywhere
  Today, I woke up to my husband peeing on the floor. He managed to pee in two open clothes drawers and on the pants I was going to wear to work tomorrow. Before I left earlier he promised he wouldn't get smashed tonight. FML
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  sazarra  |  14

You're not as stupid as they are. If you're at the point where you're peeing on clothes in the middle of the night, you shouldn't be drinking anyway.

By  abbyade  |  21

That is funny but still not very cool.

You need to have a proper discussion with him regarding his alcohol limits. He shouldn't drink to the point of not knowing were the toilet is. It isn't good for his health anyway.

  GhostFox  |  33

Err.... You don't understand how alcoholism works, do you?

Binge alcoholism is a type of alcoholism where the person doesn't usually drink, but when they do, they do so in excess to the degree that it is harmful to their body or otherwise dangerous. OP's husband, who apparently has a history of getting "smashed" and also did so despite promising he wouldn't, fits the profile of a binge drinker.

The other main type is the type of alcoholic who drink alcohol in smaller amounts in a sitting, but drink it more often. These types of people tend to have the urge to drink during certain activities or times of the day.

There are also alcoholics who combine symptoms and traits of the two.

Think before you spread misinformation.

  intreker05  |  5

However, the fact that he said he wasn't going to get hammered and then proceeded to get so wasted that he peed all over the bedroom indicates that he has little control over his drinking behavior which is a sign of alcoholism.

By  Migole  |  36

I have never in my life been so drunk that I thought it would be a good idea to pee on the floor (I guess I would black out first). I really don't get why people 1.) chose to get this drunk after the age of 20 and 2.) can't control their behavior to the point that they do shit like this.
I really hope your husband apologized for an hour the next day and cleaned everything spotless. Otherwise that marriage is in serious trouble.