By emmmbo - 19/12/2011 15:40 - Australia

Today, my brother and I proposed to our girlfriends at the same time. We had perfect synchronization after practicing for days. My brother's girlfriend said yes; mine said no. FML
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HiddenMonkey 8

I don't think your girlfriend and his girlfriend practiced saying yes together.


That would be a perfectly good reason to curl up into the fetal position and have a good cry.

coolcaarlos 3

Well he's going to have to start wanking again!

Haha, wouldn't it be so funny if this had something to do with the other FML posted yesterday, about the girl who fainted after being proposed to, so the guy took it as a 'no'?

I'm sorry OP :( maybe your brother & his girlfriend have been together longer?

I hear there's this 90$ moisturizer...

That would be hysterical if it did connect. But op should take heart and give his girl a little more time.

Well this fml is Australia other one was canada

Isaac_The_Man 0

So sorry bro:( you'll find the right girl someday. Sometimes you just have to wait

150- that's exactly what OP stated. *high five for nice reading comprehension*

171- obviously you don't get what I'm saying... It was a failure at synchronization, because she said yes and she said no...I realize that's what he is saying...

jblikesanalsecks 0

Let's all break his brother's girlfriend's pelvis.

The BROTHERS practiced synchronizing there proposals. That had nothing to do with the girlfriends' responses. Please... read.

175- yeah yeah.. I don't really give a crap. Does anyone else think there should be an age limit for users on FML? That would solve so many problems.. Too much ignorance!

197- for your information...I am 15 and probably more mature than you...I have a 4.0 and I am a high honors student so you can take your cute little comebacks and shove them where the sun don't shine!:} thanks!!

Here is a comeback you are being a real beeotch.

BeautyMonster 17
rexgar2000 10

my heart would be shattered if something like that happened to me.

BehindU 5

The 2 girlfriends didn't rehearse saying yes together.

92- he sure does. And he's the life of the party too.

22cute 17

Yeah, a proposal of mariage is a serious and personal thing, not a comedy routien. YDI

Why are we all saying bro at the end of our sentences, bro?

slushpup9696 12

Hope nobody breaks the chain, bro.

Torva_fml 16

Broke it, we can stop making dumb comments now,

dinoluvsrawr 2

Remember the Seinfeld episode with the debate about "manssiere" vs. "bro," bro?

I used to think you were funny. Now I know you have no sense of humor, bro.

Sorry to Hear that, Looks like Your going to have to keep using Your hand for now on.

The_Troller 14

What's with The Random capital Letters? And the first your is supposed to be "you're"

Who says you need to be married to make love to someone?

Who says you have to rely on your hand if you're single, either. They make several pump and dump toys for guys.

Is that all people now a days think relationships are about; sex? *sigh*

wtf is your problem welfare??? obviously you need to gto you keep commenting on the same fml!!!!!!!!!

HiddenMonkey 8

I don't think your girlfriend and his girlfriend practiced saying yes together.

Torva_fml 16

3rd disliker woohoo!! I'm soo cool!

blondebrunette11 4

113- 63rd disliker!! :D Now leave.

113- I find it Fu**ing hysterical that your comment has 69 dislikes...

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drawmesunshine 17

That is terrible advice. Shoo. Your kind's not welcome 'round here.

Yeah because cheating on your girlfriend with your brother's fiancée is the PERFECT way of convincing your girlfriend to marry you. You're stupid and should probably shut up with your bad advice.

desireev 17

I honestly think that this is the worst comment I've ever seen. That is just horrible!! If you're gonna say things like that, then just stop commenting on FML. That shit is ****** UP!!!!!

desireev 17

*crawl back in to your hole now*

35 - preach it! Also OP means "Original Poster" I'm pretty sure that's what that means.

35 - i agree with SeeYouInShell. We read the comments for laughs, not to improve get preached.

desireev 17

Ya because screwing your brother out of the woman he just proposed to (or even trying) is funny and totally acceptable! I know that alot of the comments on here are just for laughs but that shit is ****** up! And if you think the comment was funny or acceptable, then there is something seriously wrong with you. If a family member did that to me, I would kill them. End of story.

flockz 19

everyone eat some jello and chill the **** down sweet Allah!!

Torva_fml 16

At first I Thought you were 12. Now I know you're just retarded.

HannahPaloozah 0

You guys are flipping out over this guys comment, i bet he was just kidding

2ndSucks 15

132, your picture is the duck face, therefore your comment is irrelevant. 35/91, almost every time I see one of your comments, you're going flipshit on some other poster. It's just the internet, chill out.

xSonic 9

I useful follow this tread, Then I took a remote to my butthole

Thank you ha everyone is so serious on here lighten up

Apparently they've been reading several of your over zealous posts

6- and through all morals out the window. What a brilliant idea!

91 - If you're offended by that then WHY would you be on FML???

She was probably horrified by the awkwardness.

borkchop1992 15

now we know who the better looking one is

Torva_fml 16

Now we know who the stupid one is. I'll give you a hint! His comment is above mine....

anyone who voted this comment down is fugly. truth hurts, doesn't it?

flockz 19

does your brother's girlfriend look like a hooker in her wedding dress?

Yes, and her mother did teach her from experience.

blunttobluntest 12

I wonder if her mother told her that if she actually does look like one?

Well, I'm curious what that would actually look like

kbeverly07 1

Just go look at your moms wedding photos