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By  mozrox  |  0

This isn't your fault, or the boyfriend's. Your sister is a selfish little bitch. She could have asked him if she was so impatient. By the way, if she really did want to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him, then why couldn't she wait a while longer? Obviously she didn't love him that much if she can just toss him aside like that over something stupid. He's better off without her.

  genius_man16  |  0

What a selfish bitch. I mean really. You dump a guy just because he won't propose to you? What the fuck? Hey you stupid twat, maybe YOU could propose to HIM instead!! OMG what a concept.

  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

geniusman calm the fuck down. the OP's sister dumped the boyfriend, because she thought she wasn't ready for a commitment. Now 4 years into a relationship isn't that bad, but maybe she just really wanted to get married.

Now the boyfriend should have seized that opportunity to propose, unless the OPs sister dumped him online or through text or on the phone or something. Or why didn't the OP just tell her that he was going to propose? Either way the OP's life isn't fucked. It wasn't even about her except for the fact that she helped.

  Veni_13  |  0

Hm. She wasn't ready for commitment, yet "she really wanted to get married"? Genius man is right, if she wanted to get married so bad, she could have either proposed herself (why the hell not?) or had a talk with her bf (of 4 years!) about it. Wow. What a ridiculous reason to break off a 4-year relationship.

  gigi37  |  0

Uh, I don't know the culture or relationship standards of where you're from, but it's a little unusual for someone to start proposing, or planning on proposing after the first few dates let alone the first year

  nomadxx7  |  0

She was impatient to be asked. One would think that if she wanted to marry him that she could have taken the non-traditional role of asking him to marry HER! What a concept.

  Icyghost17  |  10

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By  plexico  |  3

2 months?!?! You and the boyfriend are both morons! Good thing your sister can get rid of the idiot bf, because there's not much she can do about you.

Take a knee, hold up ring, say "Will you marry me?"

What did that take, 5 seconds? It's simple, it works.

Two months?!

  DrunkenValor  |  0

And here's a more elaborate proposal.

You beat the shit out of her, really lay into her and then say "Now, would you like to do this with me on a semi regular basis?" And while riding back on the ambulance produce the ring from the paramedics pocket. How sweet.

  plexico  |  3

I'll give you that your technique is more creative than mine.

Mine has two things going for it:
1) It works in reality -- for me, it is one-for-one.
2) It has a less awkward "out" if the answer is "no." For me, I'd just get up, keep my ring and leave. You'd probably end up in jail with a ring. You might end up with a boyfriend or six.