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Today, at a restaurant, I happily watched as my boyfriend of three years got down on his knees and proposed to me. Before I could say yes and hug him, a girl flung herself at him, kissed him and shouted, "Yes!" With us still highly confused, she then ran away. FML
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She was probably joking. A dare or a bet, no doubt.

You're a girl. You're allowed to punch another girl. Just saying.


She was probably joking. A dare or a bet, no doubt.

I'd take it as a joke. That's genius though! "Yes!" (Huh?)

Probably was a joke, but it's in bad taste. That really ruined the moment for both of them, hopefully they're good honored and laughed it off soon after

It was obviously a dare, but if I was OP I would get really pissed of her!

agsilver 14

37 edit: humored not honored (autocorrect)

Thts not Tht bad! At least ur boyfriend didn't know her! THEN it would've gotten awkward.

84, Are you to lazy to add one letter to a word to finish it off.

Sorry if I'm not perfect enough for you 90

98 That's not perfect, it's just beginners English and how you SHOULD be typing.

I don't understand how you can comment on laziness when you misspelled your first "too" Who doesn't love irony?

104, that is not irony, it is just pathetic. Look up the word irony and stop butchering your own language, for gods' sake.

then000bster 16

So nobody thought that she did that to dine-n-dash? That's my plausible explanation.

Why can't u guys waste your breath on something that doesn't have to do with messing up a word? U waste ur (sorry, I mean YOUR) time and others while just putting someone down. Get a life!

At least she didn't take the ring "as a joke."

Actually mouton, #104 is right, that was ironic, and hilarious! Xx

#107 I'm not quite sure whether you know the meaning of irony...

119 Really? You know how to spell properly yet choose to type ignorantly? Also, I doubt much "breath was wasted" judging that no one spoke out loud. They typed. Attention: No breath or time was wasted during the posting of this comment. Only one animal was harmed.

154 just quit bitching about stuff that do not matter

But horse who can't count, that's the best kind of stuff to bitch about! :D

I have to say, she's got pretty big balls to do that

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I doubt it was a dare or bet because The two don't know her seems like so clearly she doesn't know them to make a dare or bet unless her friends did it to next guy that asks to marry someone to jump into it. Honestly it might have been a joke if said girl was alone I doubt if she with friends she would risk a dumb joke like that honestly only thing I can think of is mistaken identity. She might have though op boyfriend was her own. And when she realized she freaked and left. Only other case is mental chick lol. In any case how the marriage going? If at all. Lol.

Mortoli 30

#119. You* if going to correct one thing correct them all. Lol. Just kidding.

I doubt she thought the guy was her own partner, personally. Much more likely she thinks ruining one of the most special and important moments in a lifelong relationship is entertainment. Personally I think this is one of the biggest FML's out there. Why would anybody choose to ruin a proposal?! That moment, that should be about this couple and their love, will forever be tainted by some tit jumping in and spoiling the moment. I'd be furious.

OP's boyfriend proposed to her and a girl jump in and said yes then ran away. OP and SO were both confused by this. Jesus, reread it or something. ****

28- I don't really think 2 didn't understand the FML it was probably just a question asked in disbelief or in a state of panic to be near the top. No need to get pissy

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How about, **Umm, what the ****? That probably wouldn't have gotten you any thumbs up, but it would of prevented you from looking like an idiot.

I'm with ya 72, he probably meant as in who does that?

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I don't care how many down votes you got, I liked that :)

Looks like your boyfriend has a crazy stalker...

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Or it was just someone playing an awesome prank

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Hey just ignore her, she was probably crazy. And congratulations!

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This is the first story about a proposal crasher that i have ever read. I may now have a new hobby.

You can't just ignore that. She ruined what is supposed to be one of the most special moments in OP's life. I feel for her!

You're a girl. You're allowed to punch another girl. Just saying.

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The engagement ring on OP's finger is going to make that punch hurt a lot more!

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Till it gets going, then it comes off!:D

Then rub her body with baby oil. That will show her

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And undress her in she'll never do that again!

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I don't think the law takes gender into consideration

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I can't believe the TOP comment is a sexist comment advocating violence. That says a lot about gender equality, or lack thereof, in our culture.

I knew someone would say something like that, and I was wondering when it would happen. It was obviously a joke about gender double standards. Lighten up.

This is a situation where the guy would be able to punch her too. Bitches want equality? They gotta take the bad along with the good.

lexxiii 17

I don't believe in violence, but if this happened to me, I would no doubt smack her.

Especially when they steal your thunder...even if it was a dare, who ruins a moment like that?

That's kinda funny.. I need to remember to do this

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I hope you don't choose violent people to **** with.

Eff them. People take shut too seriously. That's something those two will remember long after their divorce.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Good luck doing that. I hope you get punched for ruining a life changing moment

The nerve of some people. She must have thought she was so hilarious. Some people will do anything for a little attention. Sorry OP.

Since it was hilarious, she probably thought so. Anyone proposing in public chose to deal with this kind of silly.

27 And anyone trying this has to deal with getting a broken jaw.

If you get so upset about someone pulling a practical joke when you yourself publicly pressure your partner to marry you, you need to climb off the pedestal. Proposals are life altering and shouldn't be made on a whim with strangers cheering you on.

CharresBarkrey 15

136 - Just because you don't like that proposal type, doesn't mean it's the wrong way to do it. Who the **** are you to tell people they shouldn't be proposed to in that manner? What if that's the way they've wanted it since they were a little kid?

140 - Fair enough. Just don't be surprised when things like these happen. You can't suddenly expect a private, sacred place in public because you're proposing.

166 And just because you think it's funny doesn't mean everyone does, don't be surprised if someone punches anyone who tries this. It wouldn't be hard to construe this as 'I thought they were running at me to steal the ring'.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Actually, 166, you do expect people not to run up and ruin everythinv for you. Just because they are in a public place doesnt mean you have to intrude on them. Just ignore them or watch. You dont have to be an asshole. I hope if you actually do this, they punch you in the face

What a stupid thing to do. A childish joke just ruined his proposal. I would be so angry.

chinchily 12

I agree, I would think its funny if it happened to someone else, but if it happened to me I dont think the girl would have ran far... And it was probably a dare

If it happened to me, I'd find it funny, because it would be a hilarious proposal story later on. However, I can totally see why somebody would be pissed off. It will be a lasting memory and a random girl intruding on it is something that a lot of people would really hate. After all, she basically moved all the attention onto her, made it awkward and ruined the romance. That was really rude of her.

I would be angry too, but when we got older it would be a great story to tell!

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I don't think it ruined it. If anything she made it more memorable IMO

Why has #81 got thumbs down for adding his opinion? It thought that was the point of the comment function, its not like he was rude or anything. Xx

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Ruined? Really? More like made it a lasting memory

dontpanic_fml 32

By your own logic, 128, sweetheart, shouldn't people be allowed to thumb up or down anyone they want?

Where I come from those two are now officially betrothed because she was faster. Just walk away gracefully.

10- Hmm...that suggests a lot about your own martial status, "Lightning" Doc. ;)

I hope he doesn't have a martial marriage.

How is this a **** my life. You got proposed to and a girl went a bit crazy. Will this permanently damage your life and relationship? This is more of a fun memory to the day you got proposed to.

It won't damage it, but it messed up one of the most cherished moments of a girl's life. Sounds pretty FML to me.

Looks to me like you aren't familiar with how this site works. Maybe you should go read the site rules and FAQ so you won't question the mods' decisions and look foolish again. I do this because I care.