By imustbegay - 09/05/2010 14:20 - United States

Today, I was buying condoms for my girlfriend and myself. While at the checkout counter, my guy friend sees me, runs to me, puts his arm around me, kisses me on the cheek, then yells "Thank you baby!" There were about twenty people behind me, they all gave me dirty looks. FML
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LOL! your guy frnd IS amazing :P


that just shows your friend has a sense of humor. but I agree, your life sucks because of the awkward moment.

Why FML? Dont be so homophobic OP

It's an FML because of the dirty looks, not because OP's homophobic.

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xD that's hilarious!

Your friend is AMAZING.

WolfsGuns 0

that's a little bit harsh don't you think 6? I mean, he is the op's friend so....

verymerry 6

ha ha ha !!!! owned op. however I don't get y that wud work. do gay partners really need condoms???? I mean really wat can happen.

monnanon 13

would you stick your dick in someones butt without wrapping it?I would hope not, no matter how "clean" it seems up there theres still all sorts of germs. Condoms are not just used to prevent pregnancy.

STDs like AIDs. You can transfer that through your butthole too, sir.

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ur hot

amazinggbaby 2

14 they can get stds.

they could get STI's and what not.

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that's a little bit harsh 6, I mean, he is the op's friend and what harm could have come from that?

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#10 Sam is thirteen so I doubt it...

WolfsGuns 0

that's a little bit harsh 6, I mean, he is the op's friend so.....

WolfsGuns 0

you guys are some haters.....

raleigh u look straight up gangster bro

RaIeigh 0

Ahah, thank you :P.

let me guess WolfGuns, ur comments didnt show up so you repeated it two more times. yea. i hate it when that happens :(

He was juss playin. Don't be such a bitch(:

Thanks babe you're welcome babe

olivesaur 0

that's awesome. your friend rocks.

haha I would just say hell ya just you and me to night. Then everyone would probably run away, it would be funny to me.

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you shoulda just gone with it lol that woulda been hilarious

28- gays creep the **** out of me unless they don't do anything awkward around me and act like a half-normal person

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agree wit 37

JJ1989 6

That's funny. but those people should die in a hole for giving you dirty looks. they obviously have something against gays. -.-

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I, my, my, me, me, me, me, me, me, Op, do you only ever think about yourself?

Why would you vote YDI? it's not his fault his friend said that.

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ydi op u know that the girl buys the condoms I hate antiflood

omg that's ******* awesome!!! oh and rawr I don't like the "cupcake" in you picture

KiddNYC1O 20

lmfaoo some shit I'd do minus the kiss unless it's my bro

1- hi sam! lol long time no talk

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Wow can I get your friends number? He sounds like fun xD

you're friends are the shit :) what's with the dirty stares from people in the shop? tell them to **** off. what you should of done was go to hug your mate when he did it, and not let go. then ask if he's got some money for HIS condoms:P

I don't mind gays unless they're like kissing and all that in public.

haydos93 0

this isn't an fml. you should have just went along with it as he walked off smack him on the arse. then look at everyone and see the reaction.

People are too squeemish these days. Hell just for the fun of seeing peoples reactions I have gone into a drug store with a male friend hand in hand and we would ask all the co workers to direct us to the family sized home enema packs. Needless to say many of them were embarassed or creeped out by two guys arm in arm looking to clean themselves out. It was hilarious.

FMLRevoluSean 0

I'm not gay cuz I like *******.

quick get an std and aids test. he may have kissed other guys schmuks, ballsacks. or spinchters too.

hi Eric. Sean we all know you love ******* lol.

FMLRevoluSean 0

Yes Sam but remember I like both kind of pussy and I only get one. Cats don't really make my weewee a happy weewee.

HA I get lots of pussy. (jk) sorry about your problems though Sean haha. and I know Jimmy lol I need to work on my "addiction." (:

FMLRevoluSean 0

yeah I don't mind people being gay it's just the high pitched voices, odd hairstyles, tight clothes, and the idea of man on man sex that is nasty to me.

lol I know! apparently she's "to straight for me" hahah :D whatever she loves me. (in bed)

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lmfao. I just wouldn't went with it, if I was a guy lol. me and my girl friend always do lesbian shit haha. man fun times ;)

#10: ahaha no way(: I watched that kid for like 2 hours, we played hockey and he kicked my ass.

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it's moments lke the OPs that make me wish I had a penis =( I would scar the world for life.

ticklemechantell 0

ohh and sean, that also works with "at night" =D

hahah ok this is funny .

I know right that would have been ******* halarious!

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haha sounds fuxkin awsome id like to have ur friend gives me the idea to do it to one of my girlfriends gettin lube an talk bout our strap we will wear woo hoo

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112 can I see what type of lesbian shit you and your friend do

eat is antiflood it won't let me post comments sometimes?

hahaha something id do

u_killed_kenny_ 0

time to slip the dick

have Fun love birds XD

that's just an awesome joke, the only way you could be offended by that is if you're a closet gay

lmao at 7. nice cat

stfu 90 u suck rats

sam i have that same exact phone!!!!

lol, why thankyou 159. (:

gabyy323 0

lol sounds like something I would have done if I was a guy.

someone2me2 1

Where do you live? Kansas I would kiss him, that would teach him!

Lol that is funny

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... 0.0 Ahhhhhh ha ha!!!! That is so freaking awesome!!!!

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37 ur an asshole

hollowaybrady34 6

alley is your last name yee?

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That's amazing. lmao

#43. Or showing love in public.

Stop perpetuating gender stereotypes.


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What's wrong with being gay!

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Blue_Coconuts 7

My buddy does that all the time, when he gets me a beer or someting.

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Did you know? THATS NOT FUNNY!

Daffodilly 14

You have no sense of humor

cmatthewf 0

lol that's funny. I did that to my friend at the movie theater when he was bored and paid my way in a movie. unfortunately he hit me.

your friend wants to show everyone he can get laid... to a guy atleast..

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really, you guys are some haters, who gives a **** what a bunch of stangers think

you need a new sense of humour, son. who cares what a group of strangers that you'll probably never meet again is going to think about you?

LOL! your guy frnd IS amazing :P

#17 is gorgeous in her pic

gothrockerkid 0

U need new friends son. Shoulda punched him and told him "I dnt kno you, **** off!!" =D

mojo5678 5

No matter how many times you post this comment people are still going to hate it

I think it's funny how you got more likes than the actual comment.