By imustbegay - United States
  Today, I was buying condoms for my girlfriend and myself. While at the checkout counter, my guy friend sees me, runs to me, puts his arm around me, kisses me on the cheek, then yells "Thank you baby!" There were about twenty people behind me, they all gave me dirty looks. FML
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  suppressed08  |  2

you're friends are the shit :)

what's with the dirty stares from people in the shop? tell them to fuck off.

what you should of done was go to hug your mate when he did it, and not let go. then ask if he's got some money for HIS condoms:P


People are too squeemish these days. Hell just for the fun of seeing peoples reactions I have gone into a drug store with a male friend hand in hand and we would ask all the co workers to direct us to the family sized home enema packs. Needless to say many of them were embarassed or creeped out by two guys arm in arm looking to clean themselves out. It was hilarious.

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