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  Narwhal23  |  10

#96, well, he is correct and incorrect that silence means yes in law. Let's say you have a Netflix subscription, by not saying anything to the company, it is assumed you want to continue your subscription. But if an offer is being made (or consent) and there is silence, then it is considered a no

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

Rape jokes are a sensitive topic for a lot of people. Its like not bringing peanuts to school because so many kids are allergic to it. Yes kids can be allergic to anything, but if something is commonly problematic, its best to avoid it all together.

  Insertnamesz  |  3

Eh, I don't think that argument was strong enough. I'm siding with the poster above. Nobody will ever say something that won't offend at least somebody whilst entertaining another.

  pitapizzaparty  |  18

Calm down #77 rape jokes aren't actually meant to offend people who have been raped and i don't get offended by it cause its just a joke im very sure he didn't actually rape someone

  wellthen7154  |  12

I kind of agree with 79. Almost anything you say will offend someone. My thing is, as long as you aren't using the joke to offend someone on purpose, then it should be ok. For instance, I'm Hispanic, but it can be hard to tell, and some people will start making Hispanic jokes. I politely tell them to stop, and they usually do, but if they keep going even though they know it's bothering someone, then it's bad.

  Godsofdracos  |  15

True, but so was and still is racism, sexism, and religionism. But people make jokes about that.

Hell on family guy they made a joke about beating his wife.

While you can't please everyone, jokes will offend some, and make others laugh. Racism jokes by a black guy, some people will laugh at, but not the same joke by a white guy.

Hypocrisy at its finest ladies and gentleman. At its absolute finest.

By  hippo1234  |  19

Is she narcoleptic? Was it 2am? Did you wake her up from sleep to propose? Did you preface your proposal with a 3 hour lecture on the origins of coal, diamonds, and marriage contracts? If yes, ydi. If no, sorry dude, and I hope it all worked out!

  Dre27  |  20

As I narcoleptic, I can say that falling asleep while proposing/during a proposal could happen pretty easily. If not OP most likely deserved it for his 3 hour lecture on the origins of coal.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I think OP needs to re-plan how a proposal should go. I would love to hear the girlfriend'a side of this story, because I feel like OP did something in 10's list for her to have fallen asleep. That or she's a narcoleptic.