By timor - 18/12/2010 16:13 - United States

Today, another man proposed to my girlfriend. She said yes. FML
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you should still have sex with her


OP, YDI for not asking her first and FYL for dating a inconsiderate B****

another? did this happen earlier too? some attractive b**** you got there, OP!

that's what happens when u date your sister

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Did this happen right in front of you? If so, why didn't you have a gun on you?

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Today my boyfriend was such a wimp I had to accept a proposal from a real man to get away from him...

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#48, how was he supposed to know another dude was going to propose to his girlfriend? its not a contest.

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what does ftw stand for? it's in ur name u outta know

has many meanings, For The Win, Fu*k The World, and many more im sure.

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you should still have sex with her

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lol look man stole her away I will assume by wording unless she was dating 2 people in wich case you have been boninig that mans girl all along why stop now

we live freely add my gamertag i wanna talk to you: iGennesis

Oh wow, that really sucks! If she would just say yes to another man though, she probably wasn't very committed to your relationship, in which case you're better off without her.

why did you not do it before hand? you must not have been that into her or it wasn't too serious.

Your gf is either desperate to get married to anyone who asks or she's been cheating for a while and you failed to notice. Neither implies that she is a girl worth missing. Wish him luck because HL is F'ed. Yours is about to get better.

Also probably means if, when married to the other guy, if he doesn't want a baby and she does, she'll go sleep with the first guy who will say he wants kids. :P Sorry, OP, but Foe is right. You'll find someone who will love you for you and will stick with you.

your just a safe net if that doesn't go through I agree with number 1

there is over 6 billion of ppl on this planet.. sure enough ull find someone else soon

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But I don't think op is bisexual, and will probably be only attracted to woman. Females make up 49% of the population, so 6,000,000,000/100=60,000,000X49=2,940,000,000-1=2,939,999,999 females left in the world.

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At least you don't have to get her a ring, no financial lost. Hey better now then later. Good riddance to those unfaithful bit@@

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Are you going to stop dating her now? She seems to have no problem with two-timing (or more) and you seem to have been clueless that she's been carrying on other relationships, so why are you going to end a good thing? Get Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover," learn it and live it.