By Wawawiwa - 21/07/2010 23:44 - Namibia

Today, my boyfriend was going down on me. After removing my underwear, he started singing "In the jungle, the mighty jungle..." FML
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haha, your bf is awesome, stop complaining

my comment never showed ip :( I was first too D: anyways, all my comment was was "the penis sleeps toniiiiight" ;)


haha, your bf is awesome, stop complaining

agreed.. or if it bothers u so much, do something about it! Trim that jungle back!! :P

why do you smell like pumba the wart hog down there ? douching will not even help that.

He's just jealous that you have osama bin laden in your pants and he doesn't

Shave....problem solved but if it's that bad where your boyfriend calls it a jungle then it might need to be waxed

maybe he did that to embarrass you for a reason? ydi

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shaving won't kill you op. :P

would you have preferred "'s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.."

or would you have liked "run through the jungle" .

why are people so disgusted by natural things like hair?

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I hope he finds a treasure and not an anaconda

trim or shave op, gotta keep it well maintained.

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary Trim that pussy, it's too damn hairy! OH!!!! Brought to you by the Diceman. :D

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How do you wear your makeup like that? I love it.

Broken glass everywhere People pissing on the stairs, you know they just don't care I can't take the smell, I can't take the noise no more Got no money to move out, I guess I got no choice Rats in the front room, roaches in the back Junkies in the alley with the baseball bat I tried to get away, but I couldn't get far Cause a man with a tow-truck repossessed my car

and he probably came up coughing up a hairball.. thats gross op.. ydi.. learn to shave

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"My girl is so hairy, I need to bring my machate to find my way out!"

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Op is from Africa. WAWAWIWA !!!

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LOL, hes funny. instead of complaining about it on FML, go shave your cooch.

it's like a jungle sometimes it makes you wonder how you keep from going under.


haha op calm down he is just trying to hav some fun.

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#96 is hot. #100 nice Granddmaster Flash word play OP- "if theres the slightest hair, my tongue aint goin down there"

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dear 88, thank you for making my day. sincerely, me

54 wins 82 - no ones wants pubes in their mouth when giving oral. I mean at least trim it...people trim and cut their head hair, they should do the same for down there. a little bit of fire down there is hot tho if you're a redhead....just saying

134 what the **** is up with your pic puckering your lips like that??

OMG!!!!!!!!! thts hilarious!!!!!! dude I died of laughter!!!!!! holy shit that's hilarious!:) shave dumbfuck !!!!

Buahahahaa this one made me laugh so hard

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hahaha agreed! I think it's time for a shave, or at least a trim!

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I literally lol'd...& if my boyfriend did that I would have done the same. Way to solve that problem is to get some wax OP!

Shave and you wouldn't have this problem.

fyl for your boyfriend being inconsiderate, but you should think about at least trimming. He should have brought it up after the sex though if it was bothering him instead of embarrassing you when he's supposed to be pleasing you. personally I've got nothing against a little fur, although I prefer trimmed or shaved I'm not going to get bent out of shape over a full bush.

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shave or wax that bush jungle lady

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agreed 173. get rid of that nasty jungle bush, your bf needs to be able to see your loose bacon strips clearly.

well, if he's right? haha. never heard of razors? :D

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mhm shaving is always nice(:

both your name and that comment are amazing.

That is so nasty.. I cant even guess what the smell is like.. D:

hahaha!! omg that made me laugh so hard!!

We reccomend burning it all down! jk lol

Just remember to tie a string around you and tie it to the side of the bed so you can pull yourself out!

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haha I think that's hilarious. but like everyone said, if you have a problem with it just shave.

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it's called waxing... that's nasty

There's a lion in there?! You need to clean yourself up!

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maybe it was an unfortunate coincidence and the song was just stuck in his head

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I knew a man who went into the bush and never came back ;(

would you have prefered the Bitch is Back?

lol don't complain if he did a good job, but if he didn't....I'll give it a try =P just kidding lol

you're boyfriends an explorer. it's not everyday man encounters and conquers a jungle.

Honey! get out the lawn mower, the grass has gotten a little tall

hahaha that's some funny ass shit, not really an fml tho. but shave that jungle away into a nice flatland

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I see a lot Jbs on heree!! lol

he doesn't look like Justin ******.. so I don't know what you are all smoking.

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seriously though. lose the jb haircut,,

anyone that looks like Justin bieber and is upset deserves it for having their hair like that

Looking like JB is a whole FML itself.

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yeah 78. is that why u have a picture of JB as your main picture?

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That's exactly what i thought xD

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That's exactly what i thought xD

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that's what I was thinking.

my comment never showed ip :( I was first too D: anyways, all my comment was was "the penis sleeps toniiiiight" ;)

haha, that's so funny, congrats on being awesome

aw, the comment I commented on dissapeared, now I look like an idiot replying to nothing in particular, either that or it's just my iPod not showing it, in which case I now look stupid for commenting on the irrelevence of my comments

well there is a beautiful invention called clippers maybe you should get to know the Simbs

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