By umerin - Canada - Surrey
Today, I woke up to my young niece hammering a metal cookie cutter into my leg. I'll have a teddy bear shaped scar for the rest of my life. FML
umerin tells us more :
I am a chick, haha. I think it's cute, just... Painful at the moment. I'm planning on letting said niece colour it in once healed. My nickname is "Human Colouring Book" right now. Not bad, eh?
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  noobienick  |  19

I'm sensing that this might be a pun...


I don't know... At least OP has a funny story behind it? And at least it's not a weird shaped scar... I mean, my friend has a birthmark in the shape of a penis so... I guess OP is luckier than her? Regardless, OP should probably teach this kid about boundaries and safety.

  lina21  |  12

I would say the parents need to teach this kid about boundaries and safety. If OP was babysitting.....then you shouldn't be snoozing off leaving I assume a young kid unattended.

But I'd definitely get the parents on that one. Nailing a cookie cutter into someone is a bit extreme

  nyancait  |  18

#76 - yup. I have a two year old brother and seven year old brother who have both now realised that if they team up, they can inflict the maximum damage, and it won't get them in too much trouble because I'm their sister, not their mum.

  maylie25  |  18

Lol for one they cut my comment in half. after the dots I said I'm just joking fyl OP....-_-
but seriously I'm terrified of Jason that's not funny...o_o


By  Pyroaid  |  11

You need to make up a backstory for it, one that makes you look cool. ie: "I was in a fistfight and the opponent found a hammer and a cookie mold. I won in the end though!"