War drums

By Taylor - 30/07/2011 05:14 - United States

Today, while having sex, my boyfriend started singing the Star Wars theme song as he entered his penis into me. FML
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Hopefully he didn't say "I am your father!"

At least he didn't call your vagina "Chewbacca"


Hopefully he didn't say "I am your father!"

CookieMonstr19 0

That would be absolutely hilarious!!

theten_fml 9

nope he later asked "who's your daddy?"

steezy4you 3

well he was stabbing you with his lightsaber...

kings1fan 6

I hate Star Wars!

OP is just bragging at this point

CatEyes66 0

Let's hope they made sure they're not brother and sister before they decided to play with his lightsaber.

did he use the force?

long ago in a land far far away...

Nerds will be nerds.

jvillan87 5

long long ago, in a GALAXY far far away...

omfgfmlife 0

i rofled so hard when I read both this post and this comment

TheChampagneBoi 5

72 he used his lightsaber lol

swimchica22 0

May the force be with you

NastyNinja31 0

was the force with him

agaba 0

Insest is always the best

ky765 0

tune in next week for indiana jones

Haha. I love how there's 252 thumbs up!! Most I've ever seen! And yes. Hopefully he didn't say that. :D

At least it wasn't the Jaws theme...or maybe that would have been more appropriate.

jaws would only be appropriate if it's the same boyfriend that's afraid of pussy teeth!

awesome fml reference there!!

Best comment ever! ;)

It would be better if OP said, No, I am your Father afterwards

My_Name_Is_ 5

That is Epic!

that is really weird

Lots of it, hopefully.

Ilikethenamesam 3


16rrpass 0

R u retartded? Its galaxy!

Did his forces find their way to the death star?

yes, but unfortunately the hole he had to aim for was only 1 foot wide, so entry was nearly impossible

acmilan721 4

ha it was like that reference was made for this!

iSitt 0

Thats not a problem. He hit holes this small back on the farm.

I don't know why she's complaining. Star wars is a classic an epic one at that. You should be flattered that he would even compare your pussy to that.

Cereal_Is_Good 5

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away."

marinecorp09 0

no they all ran into a forcefield web they came out the hanger off the ship

I would marry that man...

JessGivsBesitos 5

you should have said "the force is strong with this one"

Or "The Force is now in you."

lmfao hilarious post and comment.

kellyskindakool 5

lmao! winning

*force choke*

dethmagnetic1 0

just wait for the rest of the trilogy :D

ok how am I single and guys like that aren't??!

iSitt 0

Meesa say yoosa so hot

dethmagnetic1 0

Sorry to hear that bro, tbh a lot of girls will date almost anyone who can make her laugh. Try it out and I bet you'll have a date inside of a week ;D

eminemchick 19

lol 105 id go out wit u. if i knew u better.-.-

this advice is so true :) your looks aren't bad either, i would date you so I'm sure others would too

maz255 10

212 you realize hes ten years older than you right?

jwilli_fml 0

So I'm wondering if you know that trilogy is a three part movie..dumbass

At least he didn't call your vagina "Chewbacca"

santarosakid 5

or jabba the hut

dstivers 0

Or jar jar. Just think about it.

Past FML reference!!! :3

applesuckers 0

60 and I should care because...?

because you have nice tits.

Who said you have to care?

be glad he doesnt call himself jar jar binks lol

bigfoot89 4

oh shnap!


333 thumbs up with me!!!

BabbiiLovvee 0

At least a cactus didn't fall on your face.

Vash_41288 10

lol a cactus huh, well when your right your right I suppose.

BabbiiLovvee 0

Yes :)

LMAO u saw tht one lol

BabbiiLovvee 0

18 lol I thought it was funny.

KaskStunter 4

Better than the Indiana Jones theme.

Na, Indiana jones would have been more appropriate while exploring the 'Temple of Doom'.

kcircuses2 4

^you mean the temple of poon

the pirates of the carribean theme is a personal favourite, especially when I'm brushing my teeth

At least he didn't do a yoda impression

bobbybill0519 7

Enter you I will.

OP, that would make you a Death Star. I think he is trying to tell you something. FYL

Well your boyfriend Is very creative! ...And likes Star Wars. Now that's a plus.

I think it's cute...

haha I actually don't see how this is a fml.