By honey soy - 29/01/2012 06:31 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend was flying his toy helicopter at my head. It got stuck in my hair and I now have a bald patch. FML
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Why would you fly a toy helicopter near someone's head? Could've ended much worse :(

You meant "battle wound" instead of bald spot didn't you, it's okay auto-correct gets the best of us.

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Time to shave off one of his eyebrows. RETRIBUTION!!!!

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I'm guessing to leave a bald spot it'd have to be at least a 450 size copter

I mean, when I see a helicopter coming at me, I would kinda move out of the way. If it was chasing you, close a door behind you. Just a thought

Bald spots aren't that bad...join the club

I hope to god that the helicopter was the "flying ****" model (helicopter motor/blades mounted to a body that is shaped and painted to say '****'). It would make so much sense, since your boyfriend obviously didn't give a flying **** if he hit you or not!

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You can now fit in with all the hip kids with their extreme hairstyles.

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More like a self made landing platform :D

Accidentally clicking it, or selecting it on purpose? Damn, the possibilities are endless!

I believe she is inquiring about the actual REASON behind the purposeful selctions, seeing as this situation occurred through no action of OP. Just to clarify. Thank you for the effort though =)

Thank you, I bow down to your infinite wisdom. However, as this is FML, there's actually this little common occurrence that just always pops up. It's generally called sarcasm. Thank you for your effort, though. ;')

I'm aware, thanks. But in this situation, it wasn't even funny. It was just sort of a jerkish thing to say, not to mention a bit

OOH, I've been cut real deep. I'm totally devastated that you didn't approve of my comment, honestly, it's breaking my heart.

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I would give it a ydi because she obviously needs a better taste in men lesson learned for her perhaps?

take heed to your name and please stop.

Good god. I'm not trying to insult you. Just quit trying to argue, it's not even a big deal if we think OP didn't deserve it. If you think she did, whatever. I don't CARE. Ugh, people with attitude problems -__-

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If you wanted someone to quit trying to argue with you, why not just stop commenting on the thread, and *poof* problem solved, it's that easy my dear.

Actually, her sarcasm was pretty rad compared to what we read here on a daily bases. It's very obvious that you're the one making a big deal, so, oh hush dear.

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Because OP didn't where a helmet, do you want me to make up a percentage of people who get injured when playing with a toy helicopter?

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Everybody is wrong, the answer is trolls :)

Well who knows guys, maybe there's a army of you helicopter wielding dwarfs that saw this and thought "you should have succumb to the awe-invoking power of the great hell-e-coptor!" cmon, use your heads!

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Cause people are hella rude and don't think about others

*sigh* come on GoW, lets get the guns.

My brothers have done that to me before, except that I didn't get a bald patch... it just took forEVER to untangle my long hair from the blades =/

His raven locks sway on the ocean breeze.

I'm pretty sure the toy helicopter didn't give OP the bald patch, it would have just been too tangled to simply pull it out. Scissors solve everything.

Well, not everything... for example, I wouldn't want to consider using scissors to solve my house's mouse problem. That would be nasty lol

26, I think you meant "mouth" problem; yes, it'll actually solve it... Do us a favor and try it out! And mrs. anal, it's not the same since both your experiences ended differently.

53- obviously you didn't read the "except" in her comment.. the situation is the same as OP's, in the sense both had a helicopter in their hair. The result was simply different. Maybe you should quit being a hypocrite, and stop calling people Anal. Her comment was not "anal" in any way.

I'm sure her comment was not trying to have butt sex with anyone.

53, have we met? Did I do something to offend you? If so, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, honest.

Hey! You sound like an very cool girl. Let's talk sometimes. :)

Flying it at your head?.. At?! .. Some boyfriend..

I would have so broken the toy if my boyfriend gave me a bald spot. I'll start by throwing the plane at him and then stomp on it. I know, I'm so mean. But bald spot, hello!!! He's only going to try it again!

Showing immaturity and assholeish-ness, just saying.

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just try new hairstyles, it'll grow before you know it

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Next time duck, or go the king kong route and swat at it to bring the black hawk down before it does damage to you, because it's hard to make a bald spot look sexy.

In a hair colour your boyfriend hates!