By thisisme - 17/1/2011 01:37 - Canada
Today, I was on a plane. When my flight attendant brought me my drink, it had a lid and a straw. He told me, very seriously, "not to spill." No one else got a lid. I'm 18, and apparently I look spill-prone. FML
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  Brittneyyyy  |  7

#4 I was asked if I wanted a kid's menu until I was like 15. It was so annoying.

OP maybe you just look young? You'll probably be grateful when you're older :)

By  GailLeeRussell  |  2

Psh , dude don't sweat it . Old people are always hard-asses when it comes to spilling stuff . And apperantly us youngsters are wayy to unccordinated to do anything with out lifes than spend our time spilling stuff .